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<br />Honorable Mayor and Members of the Council: <br /> <br />BACKGROUND <br /> <br />Beginning with the 1989 Capital Improvement Program (CIP), the City of Pleasanton has <br />implemented the Metropolitan Transportation Commission Pavement Management System <br />(PMS), which provides a rating of streets and recommended pavement treatment based on the <br />condition of the roadway, the effective timing for performing street maintenance and the <br />associated costs for such maintenance. Implementation of a Pavement Management System <br />requires the identification and evaluation of all public City streets and roadway surface <br />conditions. Pavement management is an ongoing process. As street surface conditions change <br />and are affected by such factors as age, weather, traffic volume and traffic weight loading, the <br />database of street surface conditions must be periodically updated. Additionally, some state <br />funding programs for street rehabilitation require that: 1) each jurisdiction requesting or <br />competing for said funding have a pavement management system in place; and 2) pavement <br />conditions must be surveyed according to set time intervals. <br /> <br />The City of Pleasanton uses the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) computer <br />software program. MTC suggests that users of its Pavement Management System (PMS) <br />perform condition surveys for arterials and major collectors aunually, and all other streets bi- <br />aunually. It has now been approximately two years since our last condition survey of all City <br />streets. Results from the survey provide staff with the primary tool to link the PMS <br />recommended repair program costs to the City of Pleasanton's capital improvement budget to <br />get the maximum return for City expenditures to maintain and rehabilitate all City streets. <br /> <br />The City of Pleasanton has qualified for the Pavement Management Technical Assistance <br />Program (P-TAP) Round 7 grants in a total amount of $20,500 ($18,149 P-TAP fund, <br />$2,351.35 local match). This P-TAP grant is derived from Federal Highway funds <br />administered by the MTC. Pleasanton applied for available grant funding through the MTC <br />and was notified that an $18,149 grant would be available if the City provided the required <br />formal application and a local match of $2,351.35. In order to obtain this P-TAP grant, the <br />City of Pleasanton must utilize the consultant selected by MTC. MTC awarded technical <br />assistance work for the entire Bay Area to nine consultants, with MACTEC being assigned to <br />serve the Pleasanton area. The MTC will enter into a contract with the appointed consultant, <br />MACTEC, for a part of the pavement evaluation services described below, and the City of <br />Pleasanton will be responsible for submitting an 11. 47% local match to the MTC in the <br />amount of $2,351.35. MACTEC was selected through MTC's intensive selection process, <br />similar to the City of Pleasanton's competitive bid process, to perform pavement condition <br />surveys. MACTEC will be expected to provide technical assistance in implementing and <br /> <br />SR 06:084 <br />Page 2 of 4 <br />