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<br />r <br /> <br />...... <br /> <br /> <br />4E <br /> <br />'- <br /> <br />.) <br /> <br />pLEASANTONo <br /> <br />City Council <br />Staff Report <br /> <br />March 21, 2006 <br />City Manager <br /> <br />SUBJECT <br /> <br />AUTHORIZATION FOR ALTAMONT SETTLEMENT <br />AGREEMENT EDUCATION ADVISORY BOARD EXPENDITURE <br />PLAN FOR FISCAL YEAR 2006-07 <br /> <br />STAFF RECOMMENDATION: <br /> <br />Staff recommends the City Council adopt a resolution authorizing the <br />Altamont Settlement Agreement Education Advisory Board's Expenditure <br />Plan for fiscal year 2006-07. The funding plan outlines the Board's <br />proposed funding allocations for recycling and education program grants. <br />The Board will be awarding funds to qualified applicants, based on a <br />competitive grant process, for implementing recycling and environmental <br />awareness programs within Alameda County. <br /> <br />SUMMARY <br /> <br />The Education Advisory Board is requesting the City of Pleasanton City <br />Council authorize the Expenditure Plan for fiscal year 2006-07. In <br />accordance with the Altamont Settlement Agreement, concurrence by the <br />Northern California Recycling Association, the cities of Pleasanton and <br />Livermore, and the County of Alameda is necessary to fund any proposed <br />allocation from the Education Account. <br /> <br />Honorable Mayor and Members of the City Council: <br /> <br />BACKGROUND <br /> <br />As part of the settlement of litigation over the expansion of the Altamont Landfill, the parties to <br />the litigation agreement (Alameda County, Waste Management of Alameda County, the cities of <br />Livermore and Pleasanton, and various environmental groups) agreed that the County would <br />impose a fee totaling $1.25 per ton at the Altamont Landfill and Resource Recovery Facility. <br />The jurisdictions currently paying this fee are Oakland, San Francisco, Alameda, San Leandro, <br /> <br />SR 06:082 <br />