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<br />As part of the process, staff conducted a public process involving monthly meetings with the <br />Pleasanton Downtown Association's Economic Restructuring Subcommittee, a public <br />hearing directed to all PDA members, a public hearing directed to Downtown residents and <br />businesses, and a general community meeting, Based on this input, staff identified a number <br />of site plan options that were reviewed by the Planning and Library Commissions, both of <br />whom selected the same two site plan options. <br /> <br />In October 2004, staff was prepared to present these two options and Commission <br />recommendations to the City Council. However, in lieu of holding a meeting to select two <br />preferred site plan concepts to undergo further development and review, the Council <br />expressed its interest in focusing its attention on addressing library space needs, This <br />decision was based on the fact that a decision regarding the potential expansion, relocation or <br />reuse of the Pleasanton Library is critical to the eventual outcome of the Civic Center Master <br />Plan. In addition, staff was working on specifications for conducting a Library Needs <br />Assessment Study (Needs Study) that when completed, would serve as the foundation for <br />identifying long-term library space needs. Based on this situation, staff suspended work on <br />the Civic Center Master Plan project and focused on the library space needs issue, As a <br />result, this report provides on overview of the Study and includes a recommendation to <br />proceed with analysis of the library building, to determine its ability to meet the required <br />space needs, <br /> <br />DISCUSSION <br /> <br />Library Needs Assessment Study <br /> <br />In response to a Library Commission presentation about the space needs of the Library, the <br />Council designated the completion of a Library space needs study as a "highest" priority <br />project in 2004, In April of 2004, the Council approved a request from the Library <br />Commission to fund a space needs assessment of the Library, In response, the 2004 Capital <br />Improvement Program provided $50,000 for such a study, On April 20, 2004 staff issued a <br />Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for consultant services to conduct a space needs <br />assessment at the Pleasanton Public Library, <br /> <br />The Library began the actual needs assessment process in June 2004 which focused on <br />identifying space needed to serve not only current residents but also to serve the population <br />once the City has reached build-out, projected for 2015, Kathryn Page Associates, a <br />Library-planning firm, was engaged to conduct the assessment. <br /> <br />The consultant met with ten community focus groups, conducted eleven interviews with <br />Library Commissioners, Pleasanton City officials and Pleasanton Unified School District <br />personnel and worked with Library staff to conduct a general community survey, Interviews <br />with eight groups of Library staff were held, Community demographic data was compiled <br />and analyzed, Library usage and resource level statistics were assembled, reviewed and <br />compared to similar data for libraries that serve comparable communities, <br /> <br />SR:06:075 <br />Page 2 <br />