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<br />r <br /> <br /> <br />68 <br /> <br />pLfASANTONc <br /> <br />City Council <br />Staff Report <br /> <br />February 21,2006 <br />Planning Department <br /> <br />SUBJECT: <br /> <br />PUD-49 <br /> <br />APPLICANT: <br /> <br />SilverStone Communities <br /> <br />PROPERTY OWNER: <br /> <br />Frank Auf de Maur <br /> <br />PURPOSE: <br /> <br />Application for PUD rezoning of an existing 2.76-acre vacant <br />lot from RM-4,000 (Multiple-Family Residential) District to <br />PUD-HDR (Planned Unit Development - High Density <br />Residential) District and for development plan approval for a <br />forty-five (45)-unit residential condominium development. <br /> <br />LOCATION: <br /> <br />3909 Vineyard Avenue <br /> <br />GENERAL PLAN: <br /> <br />High Density Residential [greater than eight (8) DU/acre] <br /> <br />ZONING: <br /> <br />RM-4,000 (Multiple-Family Residential) District (Existing) <br />PUD-HDR (Planned Unit Development ~ High Density <br />Residential) District (Proposed) <br /> <br />PLANNING COMMISSION ACTION: <br /> <br />On January 25, 2006, the Planning Commission unanimously recommended that the City <br />Council approve Case No. PUD-49, as shown on Exhibit A, and subject to amended conditions <br />of approval as shown on Exhibit B. <br /> <br />STAFF RECOMMENDATION: <br /> <br />Staff recommends that the City Council approve Case PUD-49 by taking the following actions: <br /> <br />I. Find that the project will not have a significant effect on the environment and that the <br />project would have a de minimus impact on wildlife, and adopt the resolution approving <br />the Negative Declaration as shown in Exhibit C. <br /> <br />SR:06:060 <br />Page I <br />