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<br />" <br /> <br /> <br />6A <br /> <br />\.. <br /> <br />.) <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />pLEASANTONo <br /> <br />City Council <br />Staff Report <br /> <br />January 17,2006 <br />Planning Department <br /> <br />SUBJECT: <br /> <br />PUD-38, Lynden Homes <br /> <br />APPLICANTIPROPERTY OWNER: Lynden Homes <br /> <br />PURPOSE: <br /> <br />Application to rezone existing parcels totaling approximately <br />4.19 acres from Planned Unit Development - Medium Density <br />Residential (PUD-MDR) and Agriculture (A) to a Planned Unit <br />Development - Medium Density Residential (PUD-MDR) Zoning <br />District, and to approve a PUD Development Plan to allow the <br />development of eleven (II) buildable parcels ranging from <br />10,000 square feet to 13,000 square feet, two (2) remainder parcels, <br />and Design Guidelines for a single-family detached residential <br />development. <br /> <br />GENERAL PLAN: <br /> <br />Medium Density Residential (MDR) <br /> <br />ZONING: <br /> <br />Planned Unit Development (PUD) and Agriculture (A) (Existing) <br />Planned Unit Development - Medium Density Residential <br />(PUD-MDR) (Proposed) <br /> <br />LOCATION: <br /> <br />1635 and 1777 Rose Avenue <br />APN Nos. 946-3475-007 and 946-3477-002 <br />(Between the Arroyo Del Valle and Rose Avenue, West of Nolan <br />Farms) <br /> <br />PLANNING COMMISSION RECOMMENDATION: <br /> <br />On November 16,2005 the Planning Commission recommended that the City Council approve <br />Case No. PUD-38 subject to amended findings, as shown on Exhibit A, and subject to amended <br />conditions of approval as shown on Exhibit B. Additionally, the Planning Commission <br />recommends the City Council adopt a Negative Declaration having a de minimus impact on <br />wildlife. (Please refer to the Planning Commission staff report.) <br /> <br />SR06:013 <br />Page I of 17 <br />