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17 <br /> THE CITY OF <br /> -• ° _;:r' CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> PLEASANTON <br /> November 7, 2023 <br /> Community Development <br /> TITLE: INTRODUCE AN ORDINANCE TO ADD A NEW CHAPTER 9.06 LEAF <br /> BLOWER RESTRICTIONS TO THE MUNICIPAL CODE TO BAN <br /> GASOLINE-POWERED LEAF BLOWERS EFFECTIVE JUNE 1, 2024, AND <br /> WAIVE FIRST READING <br /> SUMMARY <br /> The City Council's adopted Fiscal Year 2021/22-2022/23 Work Plan includes a priority <br /> action to adopt a City ordinance banning the use of gasoline-powered (gas-powered) <br /> leaf blowers in Pleasanton. This agenda report outlines draft amendments to the <br /> Pleasanton Municipal Code (PMC) to enact such restrictions and provides supporting <br /> information for City Council consideration. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> Staff recommends the City Council introduce an ordinance to ban gasoline-powered leaf <br /> blowers effective June 1 , 2024, and waive the first reading. <br /> FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br /> If enacted, there will be a financial impact to transition the City's fleet of gas-powered <br /> leaf blowers to all-electric models. Staff has estimated the cost of this transition will be <br /> approximately $180,000, including purchase of new equipment and supporting <br /> components such as battery packs and charging equipment. <br />