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From:Jocelyn Combs <br />To:Mayor and City Council <br />Subject:Proposed water rate increase brochure <br />Date:Wednesday, August 9, 2023 11:44:25 AM <br /> *** [EXTERNAL] This message comes from an external organization. Exercise caution when opening <br />attachments or clicking links, especially from unknown senders. *** <br />Dear Mayor Brown and City Council, <br />I just received the brochure about the proposed changes to my water, sewer, and recycled water rates and charges. <br />I was hoping there would be more clarity about what was being proposed. Unfortunately I’m more confused. <br />1. Formatting - On the second page the discussion of Fixed Water Charge mentions the “table to the right”. That <br />table is about Zone 7 charges, not fixed water rates. On page 3, Proposed Consumption Rates mentions “table <br />below” but there isn’t one. The three tables on that page are adjacent to other surcharges, but aren’t labeled as to <br />what “Variable Charges” they apply to. This all could have been solved by numbering the tables, and the pages. <br />2. Transparency - None of the tables show the current rates, if any. I had to track down my current utility bill to find <br />my “Pleasanton Water Fixed Charge” which is $19.93 but since I don’t know my meter size I can’t guess where I <br />am on the table. I consider this a lack of transparency. Using a current utility bill as a template to describe what will <br />be different in the future would have been a simpler and more meaningful graphic. Adding current rates to the tables <br />would have made them useful. <br />3. Timing - The brochure states that the effective date of the initial water and sewer increases is November 1, 2023. <br />The accompanying tables in the brochure says “January 2024” for the increases. Which is it? November and <br />December are two months worth of charges. <br />4. Comparables - The brochure states that “Pleasanton’s rates will remain near the bottom of agencies in the region <br />following this rate adjustment”. Since you’ve done the research to determine that, I think it should be shared with us, <br />your rate payers. <br />5. Apples to oranges - On Page 3, are “variable charges” on the tables the same as “consumption rates” in the last <br />paragraph? Currently there is a line item on my bill for “Pleasanton Water var charge” which has no cost. Will the <br />consumption rates appear there? According the the last paragraph on page 3 the charge is per CcF but in the tables it <br />is by tier. I currently use 5 units so would my charge be 5 times the amount in the first tier? Or just the tier amount? <br />Which table would I use? Each has a different amount. Currently there is no charge on my bill for a Zone 7 <br />consumption rate. Is that by CcF or tier? Is this new? Is this fixed or will it decrease when our wells are back on <br />line? <br />I understand how complicated and how necessary these increases are. I am disappointed that they have not been <br />explained in a simpler and more forthright manner. <br />I look forward to having my questions answered. <br />Sincerely, <br />Jocelyn Combs