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BACKGROUND <br /> AB 481 was enacted in 2021 to create consistency for the funding, acquisition and use <br /> of military equipment by law enforcement agencies and to increase transparency, <br /> accountability and oversight for the acquisition and use of certain equipment. <br /> The bill requires a law enforcement agency to obtain approval of the applicable <br /> governing body (City Council) by adopting a military equipment use policy, as specified, <br /> by ordinance at a regular meeting held pursuant to specified open meeting laws, prior to <br /> taking certain actions relating to the funding, acquisition, or use of military equipment as <br /> defined. Approval was received and the ordinance was adopted by the City Council in <br /> July 2022. <br /> The bill also requires an annual review by the City Council to renew or disapprove the <br /> authorization of this equipment, and the creation of a military equipment use policy and <br /> to publish that policy on the agency's website. <br /> The Annual Military Equipment Use Report for 2022, which includes the military <br /> equipment inventory, is attached to this report at Attachment 1. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> Several items deemed to be "military equipment" by AB 481 are currently used by the <br /> Pleasanton Police Department and are outlined in this report. They are a component of <br /> overall best practices for law enforcement agencies throughout the state and country. <br /> These tools have proven effective in enhancing the safety of officers and reducing risk <br /> to members of the community. <br /> The term "military equipment," as used in AB 481, does not necessarily indicate <br /> equipment used by the military. Items deemed by the bill to be "military equipment" <br /> include, but are not limited to, robotic vehicles, armored rescue vehicles, tear gas, less- <br /> than-lethal weapons such as beanbag shotguns, 40mm projectiles and noise/flash <br /> diversionary devices. Each of these tools has proven effective in mitigating risk to both <br /> the public and officers. <br /> This year, the department intends on purchasing 13 Daniel Defense model MK18 rifles <br /> as general replacement for rifles currently in use, two Penn Arms 40mm multi-shot <br /> launchers, and 40mm impact sponge baton munitions. A proposed ordinance adding <br /> these items to the Military Equipment Use Policy's military equipment inventory is <br /> attached to this report as Attachment 2. <br /> The Military Equipment Use Policy and Government Code section 7072 require the City <br /> to publish annually a military equipment report for the prior calendar year which <br /> includes: <br /> a. A summary of how the military equipment was used and the purpose of its <br /> use <br /> b. A summary of any complaints or concerns received concerning the military <br /> equipment <br /> Page 2 of 4 <br />