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residents fairly regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, immigration status, or other <br /> characteristics. <br /> As staff evaluated the results of the survey several questions were formulated to help <br /> guide the department's strategic plan. With extremely high levels of feelings of safety, <br /> staff will be focusing on how to maintain high feelings of safety within the community. <br /> Opportunities exist to increase the level of trust with the police department as identified <br /> by the survey, especially with young people ages 18-29 as 54.3 percent of this <br /> demographic felt the department was trustworthy. All other age demographics reported <br /> greater than 90 percent trust in the department. Staff will develop strategies to increase <br /> trust in the 18-29-year-old demographic. When comparing feelings of safety as well as <br /> trustworthiness there were no statistically significant disparities when broken down by <br /> ethnicity, gender, or geographical area. <br /> All survey results will be presented to the City Council by Bryan Godbe, President of <br /> Godbe Research. The information will be used by staff to help develop action items <br /> within the framework of the police department's strategic plan. <br /> Submitted by: <br /> Approved by: <br /> David Swing Gerry Beaudin <br /> Chief of Police City Manager <br /> Attachment: <br /> 1. 2023 Police Services Survey <br /> Page 3 of 3 <br />