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BACKGROUND <br /> This bi-annual report provides the City Council and the community with a general <br /> update which includes an overview of the department's strategic plan, crime trends, the <br /> School Resource Officer (SRO) program, Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA), and <br /> personnel matters. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> Strategic Plan <br /> Over the past two years, the department has worked on the development of a Strategic <br /> Plan which is designed to serve as a guiding document for the next three to five years. <br /> The goals for the plan were developed through a collaborative process with the police <br /> department's leadership team, led by a consultant; the supporting strategies were <br /> developed by the police department management team. Individual action items support <br /> each strategy and are prioritized for accomplishment during the five-year life of the plan. <br /> The strategic plan goals are: <br /> 1. Invest in a Healthy and Engaged Workforce <br /> 2. Reduce Crime and Increase the Feeling of Safety <br /> 3. Increase Community Trust <br /> 4. Create and Maintain a Culture of Inclusivity <br /> 5. Maximize Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency. <br /> Once the citywide strategic plan is finalized, staff will ensure the department's plan <br /> aligns with the larger organization. As part of the strategic plan, the department's <br /> mission, vision and values were changed in 2021; each of these are prominently <br /> displayed throughout the police department building. <br /> Mission Statement: As members of our diverse community, we selflessly serve <br /> as guardians with empathy, fairness and respect to protect life, prevent crime and <br /> enhance the quality of life. <br /> Vision Statement: The Pleasanton Police Department will be a model of <br /> excellence and a leader in the law enforcement profession. <br /> Values: Service, Courage, Leadership, Safety, Teamwork <br /> Department Operations <br /> Police Activity and Response Times <br /> The police department facilitated 59,548 incidents in 2022 — 22,918 were self-initiated <br /> and 36,630 were requests for service; while this is similar to 2021, which saw a total of <br /> 59,473 incidents, officer-initiated activity dropped by 4,000 incidents and requests for <br /> service had a corresponding increase. Table 1 below identifies the most frequent type of <br /> police activity in 2022 as compared with a prior four-year average. <br /> Page 2 of 7 <br />