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BACKGROUND <br /> The pool was originally installed in 1970 with improvements throughout the years. Until <br /> recently, City staff was performing all maintenance duties for the Dolores Bengtson <br /> Aquatic Center (DBAC), including cleaning; maintaining the pool's chemistry; and <br /> repairing the swimming pool, surrounding areas and related equipment to assure safe <br /> and sanitary conditions. The pool needs to be treated seven days a week, including <br /> weekends with a Certified Pool Operator. <br /> Over the years, this maintenance was managed with staff from the Support Services <br /> Division and a 0.5 full-time equivalent Program Assistant who was CPO certified and <br /> worked on the weekends. As of August 2022, the Program Assistant left employment <br /> with the City. Additionally, the Support Services Division had four key positions retire <br /> from the City in December 2022. Two of those positions were vital to the maintenance <br /> and operations of the DBAC as both were CPO certified. <br /> With these changes in personnel, City staff contacted other agencies to determine best <br /> practices for pool maintenance. Neighboring agencies shared that contract pool <br /> maintenance was more cost effective and provided the high standard of maintenance <br /> needed to ensure optimum safety. Based on recommendations from other agencies, the <br /> City entered into a temporary agreement with East Bay Pool Service to give staff time to <br /> develop an RFB for pool maintenance and repair services. <br /> During this temporary maintenance period with East Bay Pool Service, staff has found <br /> the maintenance provided by East Bay Pool Service to meet the high standards of the <br /> City. With the addition of this professional pool service, the DBAC has already <br /> experienced less downtime resulting in the pool being readily available for the <br /> community. Additionally, staff has been able to reallocate six hours of weekly pool <br /> maintenance work to public programs and services, while improving overall customer <br /> experience. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> An RFB was distributed on January 17, 2023, and posted on the City's website. Two bid <br /> proposals were received from East Bay Pool Service and USA Management. East Bay <br /> Pool Service was the only firm to show up at a mandatory pre-bidder's conference on <br /> January 23, 2023, and complete all required documents as outlined in the RFB. USA <br /> Management failed to attend the mandatory pre-bidder's conference and submitted an <br /> incomplete proposal by not including the required COVID work plan and staffing list, and <br /> only partially completing the work experience section of the bid form. Based on the RFB <br /> requirements, East Bay Pool Service was selected as the only qualified firm. East Bay <br /> Pool Service currently provides pool maintenance and repair service to Saint Mary's <br /> College, Mount Diablo USD, San Ramon Valley USD, and the Wave in Dublin. <br /> This proposed agreement includes additional services that were not being performed <br /> previously that will extend the useful life of the aquatic center, such as daily cleaning, <br /> vacuuming, and brushing of the pool, as well as the repair and refurbishment of the <br /> slide. The slide is past its useful life and regular maintenance is needed to keep the <br /> Page 2 of 4 <br />