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Budget <br /> A total of$750,000 was budgeted for this work in the Annual Curb and Gutter <br /> Replacements for Street Resurfacing Project, CIP No. 23509, in the FY 2022/23 Capital <br /> Improvement Program. Based on the low bid, the anticipated total cost of the project is <br /> $585,643. The anticipated total cost includes a recommended project contingency of <br /> $74,377 (approximately 15 percent of the bid amount). The contingency is for <br /> unanticipated costs that may become apparent during the demolition phase. This could <br /> include things such as lengthening the amount of curb and gutter specified for removal <br /> due to conditions in the field that differ or have changed since the original survey used <br /> to determine the length necessary to ensure drainage. The budget also includes the <br /> advertising cost, $10,000 for potential tree root pruning and/or tree removal, and $5,000 <br /> for materials testing services that will be performed under existing on-call contracts. <br /> Schedule <br /> The work will be completed before the start of the Annual Resurfacing program, which is <br /> anticipated to start construction in July 2023. <br /> The proposed schedule for the project is as follows: <br /> Approval of Plans and Specifications/Award of Contract March 21, 2023 <br /> Start of Construction April 2023 <br /> End of Construction June 2023 <br /> Submitted by: Fiscal Review: Approved by: <br /> Stephen ' kpatrick Susan Hsieh Gerry Beaudin <br /> Director of Engineering Director of Finance City Manager <br /> Attachments: <br /> 1. Funding and Estimated Expenditures Summary <br /> 2. Project Locations <br /> 3. Bid Summary <br /> Page 3 of 3 <br />