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BACKGROUND <br /> The project consists of the removal and replacement of curb and gutter (to improve <br /> stormwater drainage), and the removal and replacement of damaged sidewalks that are <br /> potential trip hazards. Pedestrian access ramps that are damaged, missing, or <br /> significantly out of compliance with current ADA standards are also included in the <br /> project. The proposed concrete work is carefully coordinated to occur before the Annual <br /> Street Resurfacing Project scheduled for construction this summer. Street resurfacing, <br /> by law, triggers the requirement to address any ADA deficiencies, which this project <br /> does in preparation for the street paving work. See Attachment 2 for the general project <br /> locations of the planned work. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> The Annual Curb and Gutter Replacements for Street Resurfacing Project, <br /> CIP No. 23509, consists of removing and replacing approximately 3,200 square feet of <br /> sidewalk, 425 linear feet of curb and gutter, 49 new pedestrian ramps (including 7 <br /> oversize ramps), and improvements to 38 existing pedestrian ramps to bring them into <br /> ADA compliance. <br /> Several sections of curb and gutter, sidewalk, as well as several ADA ramps, are <br /> impacted by the roots of existing trees. After the concrete is removed in these locations <br /> the City's on-call consultant, West Coast Arborists, Inc. (WCA), will be used to assess <br /> whether root pruning is feasible or whether the root pruning necessary is so extensive <br /> that it would compromise the tree. WCA will present its recommendation to City staff, <br /> then perform the pruning or removal as directed by staff. The goal will be to keep the <br /> trees, with removal as a last resort. Sometimes removal is unavoidable; for example, <br /> when it is determined that the pruning of roots to reinstall the concrete will compromise <br /> the stability of the tree. If a tree must be removed, depending on the location, another <br /> tree may be planted. <br /> During the implementation of the project, and depending on the encountered soil <br /> conditions, one of the City's on-call geotechnical firms may be utilized for soil/materials <br /> testing to ensure that improvements are constructed on a stable sub-base. <br /> Bids <br /> Sealed bids for this project were opened on February 28, 2023. A total of nine bids were <br /> received, ranging from $495,848 to $979,875, compared with the Engineer's Estimate of <br /> $670,255. Attachment 3 is a spreadsheet showing the unit costs and total bid of each <br /> bidder. The lowest bid was received from Villalobos & Associates, Inc., of Campbell, <br /> California, in the amount of$495,848 which is approximately 35 percent lower than the <br /> Engineer's Estimate. Staff had concerns that the low bid is so much lower than the <br /> Engineer's Estimate, particularly given that the next four bids are relatively close and <br /> compare much more favorably with the Engineer's Estimate. However, staff has <br /> discussed the bid with the low bidder who expressed confidence its bid is responsible <br /> and that it can perform the project for its bid amount. All other bid documents were <br /> found to be in order and past work performed by Villalobos & Associates, Inc., was <br /> verified to be satisfactory. Staff recommends award of the construction contract to <br /> Villalobos & Associates, Inc. <br /> Page 2of3 <br />