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BACKGROUND <br /> The General Plan Circulation Element identifies the intersection of Bernal Avenue and <br /> Nevada Street as a future signalized intersection along with the extension of Nevada <br /> Street from Bernal Avenue to First Street. The extension of Nevada Street is a critical <br /> component of the Circulation Element that alleviates traffic at the First Street at <br /> Vineyard Avenue/Ray Street intersection as well as the Stanley Boulevard at Valley <br /> Avenue/Bernal Avenue intersection by providing an additional access path to and from <br /> First Street for residents and businesses in eastern Pleasanton. The project is identified <br /> as Capital Improvement Project (CIP) No. 17532. <br /> On May 4, 2021, City Council awarded the contract for this project to the lowest <br /> responsible bidder, Ray's Electric, in the amount of $695,825. On February 15, 2022, <br /> the City Council authorized a project contingency in the amount of$70,000 to execute <br /> change orders to address unforeseen conditions during construction. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> The Bernal Avenue at Nevada Street traffic signal is a full eight-phase traffic signal with <br /> left turn arrows for all four approaches. Due to the proximity of the intersection to the <br /> Bernal Bridge over the Arroyo Del Valle, the median on the south side of the <br /> intersection was modified to allow for additional storage capacity by means of a second <br /> left turn lane. This location is anticipated to have numerous pedestrian and bicycle <br /> crossings from the Arroyo Del Valle Creek Trail and the Nevada Streetscape <br /> Improvement Project. A wider pedestrian pathway was accommodated adjacent to the <br /> fire station and east of the intersection for improved access to the Arroyo Del Valle <br /> Creek. <br /> Although work proceeded as planned following award of the bid, a significant theft of <br /> project supplies and equipment at the job site occurred in December 2021 and securing <br /> replacement supplies and equipment proved to be difficult due to global supply chain <br /> issues. To help facilitate project completion, essential traffic signal equipment was <br /> provided from the City's spare inventory while replacement equipment was ordered. <br /> Despite these hurdles, the intersection became fully operational and was open to traffic <br /> in April 2022. <br /> The City's spare inventory used on this project was fully replaced, with the last <br /> equipment delivery received in October 2022. Final project punch list items were <br /> completed in December 2022. <br /> Page 2 of 3 <br />