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PUBLIC HEARINGS AND OTHER MATTERS <br /> 11. Accept the FY 2022/23 midyear budget report and adopt a resolution approving FY 2022/23 <br /> budget amendments <br /> Recommendation: Adopt and waive the full reading of Resolution No. 23-1368 approving <br /> Midyear adjustments to the FY 2022/23 Budget. <br /> Susan Hsieh, Director of Finance, presented the item and responded to questions from Council. <br /> Heidi Murphy, Director of Library and Recreation, Ellen Clark, Director of Community <br /> Development, and Tamara Baptista, Interim Director of Operations and Water Utilities, responded <br /> to questions. <br /> Mayor Brown opened the public hearing. There being no speakers, Mayor Brown closed the <br /> public hearing. <br /> MOTION: It was m/s by Balch/Arkin to approve the item as recommended. Motion passed by the <br /> following vote: <br /> Ayes: Councilmembers Arkin, Balch, Nibert, Testa, Mayor Brown <br /> Noes: None <br /> Absent: None <br /> 12. Receive update on Water Supply Alternatives Study <br /> Recommendation: Receive an update on the Water Supply Alternatives Study and provide input <br /> to the Water Ad Hoc Subcommittee and staff. <br /> Tamara Baptista, Interim Director of Operations and Water Utilities, Dan Repp, Managing Director <br /> Utilities & Environmental Services, Katie Ruby and Jenny Gain, consultants with Brown and <br /> Caldwell presented the item. <br /> Mayor Brown opened public hearing. The following individual provided comment: John Bauer. <br /> Mayor Brown closed the public hearing. <br /> MATTERS INITIATED BY COUNCIL— None. <br /> COUNCIL REPORTS — Councilmembers reported on regional and local agency meetings <br /> attended. <br /> ADJOURNMENT <br /> Mayor Brown adjourned the meeting at 9:19 p.m. <br /> Jocelyn Kwong, City Clerk <br /> City Council Minutes Page 3 of 3 February 21, 2023 <br />