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FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br /> Most of the original cost of the two professional services agreements was paid by <br /> approved State LEAP and REAP grant funding with the remaining (up to) $283,416 to <br /> be paid by the Lower Income Housing Fund. These amendments result in an additional <br /> $53,710 to be appropriated from available funding in the Lower Income Housing Fund. <br /> BACKGROUND <br /> Adoption of an updated Housing Element is required for the City to remain compliant <br /> with State law requiring periodic update of the Housing Element and is a City Council <br /> priority. The Housing Element update, for the 6th Cycle of such updates, will address the <br /> planning period from 2023-2032. <br /> The City formally initiated the Housing Element update process in March 2021 with the <br /> first public meetings and hearings beginning in May 2021. The Housing Element is <br /> anticipated to be adopted no later than January 31, 2023. In March 2021, the City <br /> Council authorized the City Manager to enter into two professional services agreements <br /> to support the update: 1) a professional Services Agreement with Lisa Wise Consulting <br /> (LWC) in the amount of $302,001 to prepare an update the Housing Element Update <br /> and 2) a professional services agreement with First Carbon Solutions (FCS) for a total <br /> of $343,170 to prepare the required Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Housing <br /> Element Update. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> Significant work has been completed to date on the Housing Element Update, including <br /> extensive public outreach comprising over 40 public meetings, workshops, public <br /> hearings, and outreach events. Pursuant to State Law, exhaustive analysis has been <br /> completed documenting the city's affordable housing needs, existing constraints and <br /> opportunities for housing production, identification of potential sites for re-zoning to <br /> accommodate the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA), and evaluation and <br /> update of existing housing policies and programs. <br /> Concurrently, the City has prepared a Program Environmental Impact Report, in <br /> accordance with the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), <br /> which analyzes the potential environmental effects of the Housing Element Update, <br /> particularly focused on the land use changes associated with potential re-zoning of the <br /> various housing sites needed to meet the RHNA. <br /> A draft Housing Element was submitted to the State Department of Housing and <br /> Community Development (HCD) in August 2022, and a Draft Program Environmental <br /> Impact Report was released in October 2022. Comments from HCD are expected in <br /> mid-November 2022, and public comments on the Draft EIR by December 5, 2022. <br /> During the course of that work, staff and the professional service teams identified the <br /> need for additional work to be completed in two key areas: <br /> Page 2 of 3 <br />