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THE CITY OF <br />PLEASANTON, <br />SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL <br />MEMORANDUM Provided to the City Council <br />After Distribution of Packet <br />Date: July 19, 2022 <br />Date -7 /I `1 / 0,;? - <br />To: Mayor and City Council <br />rek <br />From: Gerry Beaudin, City Manager Lf J <br />Heidi Murphy, Director of Library and Recreation <br />Subject: Parks and Recreation Commission Recommendations on Pioneer Cemetery <br />Contract and Fees — Items 12 and 13 for the July 19, 2022 City Council Meeting <br />The City Council agenda reports for Items 12 and 13 tonight state that the Parks and Recreation <br />Commission recommendations will be forthcoming. Below are the recommendations for these <br />items. <br />At their July 14, 2022 meeting, the Parks and Recreation Commissioners voted unanimously to: <br />• Recommend the City Council approve the first amendment to agreement with Graham <br />Hitch Mortuary for cemetery management, plot sales and burial coordination for the <br />Pleasanton Pioneer Cemetery — Item 12 <br />■ Recommend the City Council adopt a resolution amending the Master Fee Schedule for <br />the Pleasanton Pioneer Cemetery — Item 13. <br />