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THE CITY OF <br />`alf <br />P. ' ifY j � i <br />PLEASANTON. <br />MEMORANDUM <br />Date: July 18, 2022 <br />SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIAL <br />Provided to the City Council <br />After Distribution of Packet <br />Date . 7/ / ll <br />To: Mayor and Councilmembers <br />From: Gerry Beaudin, City Manager/_ <br />Subject: City Council Meeting July 19, 2022, Item 9 - <br />Public Hearing to Approve the Traffic Mitigation Measures Improvement <br />Plans for the Johnson Drive Economic Development Zone, Review the <br />Final Cost Estimate for the Traffic Mitigation Measures, Approve <br />Amendment One to the 2018 Transportation Improvement and Cost <br />Allocation Agreement, and Approve Six Purchase Agreements to <br />Acquire Public Right -of -Way Necessary to Construct the Traffic <br />Mitigation Measures <br />The purpose of this memorandum is to correct an unfortunate error at the top of page 6 <br />of the above subject Agenda Report. <br />The fourth sentence of the first paragraph (which begins on page 5) reads, "The OC <br />Jones bid did meet the requirements of the ACTC Local Business Contract Equity <br />(LBCE) Program." The sentence is missing the important word not. The sentence <br />should read, "The OC Jones bid did not meet the requirements of the ACTC Local <br />Business Contract Equity (LBCE) Program." <br />The paragraph states correctly that if a bidder fails to meet the requirements of the <br />Alameda County Transportation Commission LBCE Program their bid is non-responsive <br />and must be disqualified. The OC Jones was found to be non-responsive because they <br />did not meet the ACTC LBCE requirements. The conclusion sentence stating that <br />Ghillotti Construction submitted the lowest responsive and responsible bid is correct. <br />Sorry for the confusion this unfortunate word omission has caused. <br />