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BACKGROUND <br /> Through several channels, Pleasanton residents have expressed their strong support to <br /> strengthen the response to those in mental health crisis. In Summer 2020, the City <br /> Council hosted a series of listening sessions and special Council meetings focused on <br /> policing in Pleasanton. Through these meetings, Council directed staff to present a <br /> proposal for an Alternate Mental Health Response Program. A diverse workgroup was <br /> formed to evaluate different national and regional mental health response models, <br /> determine a model that would be effective and appropriate for the community, and <br /> present a recommendation to the City Council. <br /> Staff presented a program recommendation on November 16, 2021, that included two <br /> licensed clinicians to form the Alternate Response to Mental Health (ARMH) program. <br /> An RFP was published on May 2, 2022 and closed on June 1, 2022. The City received <br /> one response to the RFP from Bonita House. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> The ARMH RFP outlined the requirements and scope of work which included specific <br /> requirements for clinicians to respond in the field with non-uniformed police officers, and <br /> the ability to author applications for involuntary psychiatric detentions in Alameda <br /> County. The RFP also requested the clinicians provide training for City staff on <br /> responding and interacting with clients in a mental health crisis. Clinicians will also work <br /> with staff to support programs and deliver services for Pleasanton's unhoused <br /> population. BHI was the only responsive bid to the RFP. <br /> BHI has 51 years of experience in preventing and responding to those in crisis, <br /> including 23 years performing crisis intervention outside of a residential setting. BHI is <br /> currently contracted with Alameda County Behavioral Health to provide crisis <br /> intervention services through the Community Assessment and Transport Team (CATT), <br /> which pairs a mental health clinician with an EMT or Paramedic through Falck <br /> Ambulance. BHI is well-suited as an organization to provide crisis intervention in the <br /> wide range of community settings in which services are needed. <br /> As part of this contract, BHI will recruit two clinicians dedicated to the Pleasanton ARMH <br /> program. BHI has the structure and oversight to provide job specific training to ensure <br /> contemporary best practices are utilized. BHI possesses needed certifications from <br /> Alameda County Behavioral Health to author involuntary mental health holds and has <br /> access to county-wide behavioral health resources. <br /> Data collection and analysis is essential to ensure the program goals are met. BHI has <br /> a structure to collect and analyze programmatic data. This data will be used to evaluate <br /> the efficacy of the program and included in reports to Council. <br /> BHI does not have any potential, real or perceived conflicts of interest. BHI has a <br /> contract with Alameda County to provide CATT services in the following areas: <br /> Oakland, San Leandro, Hayward, and Fremont. Because Pleasanton is not an included <br /> area of service, there is no conflict of interest. <br /> Page 2 of 3 <br />