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BACKGROUND <br /> LPFD currently operates three Type 6 fire engines assigned to the City of Pleasanton. <br /> Type 6 fire engines are smaller than standard engines and are primarily used for <br /> vegetation and wildland interface fires where homes are amongst the vegetation. <br /> These engines can pump water while in motion. The four-wheel capability allows these <br /> engines to respond to emergencies in wildland interface areas of the city and <br /> surrounding areas for mutual aid, if necessary. <br /> The average age of these Type 6 fire engines (Unit #s 610, 612 and 619) is 21 years <br /> old. The age of these engines has created reliability and maintenance challenges which <br /> require taking the engines out of service for extended periods of time for repairs. A <br /> major challenge to maintaining these engines is the lack of availability of the required <br /> obsolete parts and outdated technology. The current engines are a single cab build, <br /> which cannot accommodate and transport all necessary fire personnel for response. <br /> The new Type 6 engines are a quad cab and can accommodate needed personnel <br /> during response. This is a safer operation and maximizes work operations when all <br /> personnel arrive at once. <br /> From January 1, 2017 to June 17, 2022, the City's mechanic shop has spent a <br /> combined total of 705.5 staff hours and $89,320 in maintenance costs on these fire <br /> engines. Some of the maintenance repairs had to be contracted out to Livermore Ford <br /> and Schuck's Transmission creating additional time delays and costs. <br /> The time and materials cost by engine for January 1, 2017 to June 17, 2022 is shown in <br /> the table below: <br /> Asset ID# Total Labor Total Maintenance Labor Parts Contract/sublet <br /> Hours Costs cost <br /> 610 238.5 $30,953 $16,219 $8,530 $6,204.22 <br /> 612 251.5 $33,390 $16,420 $9,973 $6,997 <br /> 619 216 $24,977 $14,525 $9,443 $1,009.49 <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> Staff is recommending the purchase of three replacement Xtreme Type 6 fire engines <br /> from BME through a cooperative purchase agreement with HGACBuy that has <br /> established interlocal contracts with end users across the United States. <br /> The total cost for the three Type 6 fire engines with fees is $829,838. Staff is <br /> recommending a 10 percent contingency for unforeseen circumstances and related <br /> extra costs for a total of $912,821.80. Payment of such contingency funds is not <br /> guaranteed to the vendor. <br /> Page 2 of 3 <br />