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BACKGROUND <br /> Since purchasing the Cemetery in 2006, the City of Pleasanton has set purchase prices <br /> for burial plots and service fees in the Cemetery based upon the inherited pricing <br /> schedule when the City took over cemetery operations, actual costs involved, and the <br /> Consumer Price Index. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> In the proposed updated Pleasanton Pioneer Cemetery Fee Schedule, fees have been <br /> adjusted to reflect the burial cost increases from the contractors who support the <br /> cemetery. The proposed modifications are listed in the table below: <br /> Service Current Contractor Fee Proposed Fee <br /> Fee (July 1, Increases (Rounded to even <br /> 2022) numbers of 0 or 5) <br /> Burial Plot— Casket $14,325 $125 each (plot $14,450 <br /> (Includes two(2)rights of interment, includes two rights of <br /> burial services,double vault) interment) <br /> Burial Plot—Cremated $6,065 $67 each (plot includes $6,130 <br /> Remains two rights of interment) <br /> (Includes two(2)rights of interment, <br /> burial services,double vault) <br /> Baby Burial Plot—Casket $4,165 $125 each (plot $4,290 <br /> (Includes one(1)right of Interment, includes two rights of <br /> burial service,single vault) interment) <br /> Baby Burial Plot—Cremains $3,055 $67 each (plot includes $3,120 <br /> (Includes one(1)right of Interment, two rights of interment) <br /> burial service, single vault) <br /> Single Casket Burial Fee $3,490 $50 $3,540 <br /> Single Cremains Burial Fee $900 $50 $950 <br /> The proposed fees were determined by the actual cost increases incurred by the City <br /> for services and rounding to the nearest 0 or 5 for even dollar amounts. Only those <br /> services directly affected by increased costs are proposed for adjustment at this time. <br /> Submitted by: Fiscal Review: Approved by: <br /> /nel irno,pcyHeidi Murphy Mahin Shah Gerry Beaudin <br /> Director of Library Interim Director of Finance City Manager <br /> and Recreation <br /> Attachments: <br /> 1. Resolution Amending the Master Fee Schedule for Pleasanton Pioneer <br /> Cemetery <br /> Page 2 of 2 <br />