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approximately $2.7 million. The total estimated project design costs are outlined in <br /> Attachment 1. <br /> BACKGROUND <br /> The City's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget included $2.98 million in the <br /> Nevada Street Improvements Project, CIP No. 20565. This project was budgeted in FY <br /> 2019/20 and FY 2020/21 to widen Nevada Street and construct streetscape <br /> improvements between California Avenue and Bernal Avenue. The project section of <br /> Nevada Street ties into the Nevada Street extension which was constructed as part of <br /> the Irby Ranch subdivision from First Street/Stanley Boulevard to California Street and <br /> completes the street widening and streetscape to Bernal Avenue. In addition, the project <br /> will close the gap in the Arroyo del Valle trail which runs along the newly constructed <br /> section of Nevada Street but has not been constructed between Valley Humane Society <br /> and where it starts again adjacent to Fire Station One. The proposed improvements <br /> include street widening, streetlights, on-street parking, bike lanes, ramps, a plaza, a trail <br /> and a linear park with a shade structure and landscaping. <br /> On February 19, 2021, City staff issued a task authorization in the amount of $63,058 <br /> under an on-call consultant agreement with Callander to obtain a topographic survey, <br /> conduct geotechnical investigations, conduct public outreach, create a concept plan, <br /> and provide a planning-level cost estimate for streetscape improvements after the <br /> completion of the concept plan. During the process of creating the concept plan in June <br /> 2021, City staff met with adjacent business owners and Irby Ranch neighbors to solicit <br /> feedback on several different proposed ideas. Staff also conducted an on-site public <br /> outreach meeting to obtain public input on the draft concept design on June 16, 2021. <br /> As appropriate and feasible, comments received were incorporated into the final <br /> concept plan. <br /> On August 17, 2021, City Council reviewed the concept plan and approved a <br /> professional services agreement with Callander in the amount of$235,834 to prepare <br /> biddable construction documents for the Nevada Street Improvements Project. <br /> In May 2022, while the construction document phase of the Nevada Street <br /> Improvements Project design was underway, the traffic signal project at the intersection <br /> of Bernal Avenue and Nevada Street was completed. That project included a new <br /> signalized intersection, sidewalks, and ADA ramps. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> After Callander completed the construction documents to the 65 percent complete level, <br /> the documents were distributed to City staff and Zone 7 staff for review, as well as <br /> discussed with business owners and residents that expressed interest during the <br /> conceptual design phase. In response, several changes were suggested; these <br /> changes include modifying the design of Valley Humane Society's shed area, shade <br /> structure area, central plaza area, fire station picnic area, curb alignments and bike lane <br /> striping, tying the project in with the Nevada Street/Bernal Avenue intersection <br /> Page 2of3 <br />