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BACKGROUND <br /> City staff analyze the courts within the park system annually to prioritize which courts <br /> need to be resurfaced and/or painted. The tennis and basketball courts at Muirwood <br /> Community Park were identified as needing repair and scheduled for resurfacing in FY <br /> 2023/24. <br /> City Council identified pickleball courts as a priority during the work plan process in <br /> early 2021; however, no funds were budgeted. Potential locations for pickleball were <br /> evaluated by staff, which included extensive community outreach, and it was <br /> determined that Muirwood Community Park was the best location for pickleball courts. <br /> On April 12, 2022, City Council directed staff to proceed with the design of the pickleball <br /> courts at Muirwood Community Park. Biddable documents were generated and <br /> advertised for bids in May 2022. <br /> City staff proposed that the design and construction costs for the pickleball courts be <br /> included with the FY 2022/23 Annual Court Resurfacing Project, CIP No. 22744, which <br /> included funding in the amount of$250,000. The City also applied for a Proposition 68 <br /> grant in the amount of$227,000 to help fund the pickleball courts and the court <br /> resurfacing at Muirwood Community Park. The grant was awarded, and now must be <br /> appropriated by City Council to CIP No. 22744. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> This project will replace furnishings and resurface the existing basketball court and four <br /> tennis courts in Muirwood Community Park. Two of the existing tennis courts will be <br /> converted to six pickleball courts. <br /> The basketball and tennis courts will be resurfaced using a slip sheet overlay system, <br /> which was determined to provide the best balance between cost and longevity in the <br /> City's 2017 resurfacing options analysis. The slip sheet system has a minimal impact on <br /> the existing courts as it utilizes the existing asphalt as a base, along with a layered <br /> sheet system, to provide a stable surface that has enough flexibility to bridge the cracks <br /> in the existing asphalt. The expected longevity of the slip sheet system is 20 to 25 <br /> years. <br /> Bids <br /> Sealed bids for this project were opened on June 8, 2022. There were two bids <br /> received. <br /> Bidder Amount <br /> Mauri Concrete Construction Company, Inc. $442,532 <br /> Silicon Valley Paving, Inc. $463,484 <br /> The low bid is approximately five percent lower than the Engineer's Estimate of <br /> $465,000. Past work performed by Mauri was verified to be satisfactory. Staff <br /> Page 2 of 3 <br />