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BACKGROUND <br /> A goal of the 2022/23 City Council Work Plan is to "Consider an update to the City <br /> Council Rules and Operating Procedures". The existing Rules and Operating <br /> Procedures are from 1995, and some provisions have been superseded by changes in <br /> state law. <br /> An ad hoc Council Subcommittee of Mayor Brown and Councilmember Narum worked <br /> with staff to prepare draft City Council Meeting Rules of Procedure. This draft was <br /> discussed by the City Council at a work session on June 28, 2022. <br /> DISCUSSION <br /> Highlighted below are changes to the City Council Meeting Rules of Procedure arising <br /> from the draft considered at the work session. Shown in track changes are amendments <br /> requested by the City Council at its work session, as well as typographical and other <br /> non-substantive corrections. A final version of the City Council Meeting Rules of <br /> Procedure, including all of these changes, is attached to the adopting resolution <br /> (Attachment 1). <br /> Amendments from Work Session <br /> 6.2 Appointments to Intergovernmental Agencies <br /> The Mayor, with the approval of the City Council, shall appoint Councilmembers to serve on the <br /> various regional boards, commissions, and committees that require a City Council representative. <br /> [40605]. The appointments shall be made in December of each year,and periodically as the Mayor <br /> finds necessary. <br /> Appointees may be removed from their positions by a m jority vote of Councilmembers if the <br /> qppointee is found to: (a) have a poor attendance record on the regional board, commission or <br /> committee; or (b) the appointee does not represent the City Council's position except for those <br /> regional boards, commissions or committees where an appointee is legally required to be <br /> independent). <br /> 6.3 Seats on the Dais <br /> The Mayor shall sit at the center of the dais for all City Council meetings. If the Mayor is absent, <br /> the Presiding Officer shall sit at the center of the dais. <br /> In December of each year, the remaining seats on the dais shall be selected assigned-based on <br /> seniority of the Councilmembers (with a tie decided by random means of selection). <br /> 7.6 Actions Limited to Posted Agendas <br /> The City Council shall not discuss or take action on any item not appearing on the posted notice <br /> or agenda for that meeting. However, as permitted by the Brown Act, Councilmembers and staff <br /> may briefly respond to statements made or questions posed by the City Council or by members of <br /> the public addressing the City Council. Councilmembers may ask a question of City staff or a <br /> speaker for clarification,make a brief announcement,or make a brief report on their own activities. <br /> [54954.2(a)(3)] <br /> Page 2 of 7 <br />