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2. Adopt and waive second reading of Omnibus Ordinance No. 2239 amending the Municipal Code <br /> regarding administrative citation procedures, administration and personnel, business license <br /> appeals, animals, parking, activities in parks, meter testing and Titles 17 and 18 Planning and <br /> Zoning <br /> 3. Adopt the City Council Meeting Rules of Procedure by resolution <br /> City Manager <br /> 4. Approve minutes of February 3, 2022 <br /> Community Development <br /> 5. Actions of the Zoning Administrator and Planning Commission <br /> Engineering <br /> 6. Approve plans and specifications, review bids, and award a construction contract to Mauri <br /> Concrete Construction Company, Inc. in the amount of $442,532 for the Muirwood Community <br /> Park Court Resurfacing Project, CIP No. 22744 <br /> 7. Approve a first amendment to the professional services agreement with Callander Associates <br /> Landscape Architecture, Inc. in the not-to-exceed amount of$30,837 for additional construction <br /> document design services for the Nevada Street Improvements Project, CIP No. 20565 <br /> 8. Approve a lease agreement with Union Pacific Railroad to utilize a portion of its property as a <br /> parking lot between St Mary Street and Division Street <br /> 9. Public Hearing —Approve the traffic mitigation measures improvement plans for the Johnson <br /> Drive Economic Development Zone, review the final cost estimate for the traffic mitigation <br /> measures, approve amendment one to the transportation improvement and cost allocation <br /> agreement, and approve six purchase agreements to acquire the public right-of-way necessary to <br /> construct the traffic mitigation measures <br /> Finance <br /> 10. Accept the Monthly Disbursements and Investment Report for May 2022 <br /> Human Resources <br /> 11. Adopt a resolution approving the proposed Memorandum of Understanding between the <br /> Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department Joint Powers Authority and the International Association <br /> of Firefighters, Local 1974 with term ending June 30, 2025 <br /> Library and Recreation <br /> 12. Approve first amendment to agreement with Graham Hitch mortuary for cemetery management, <br /> plot sales and burial coordination for the Pleasanton Pioneer Cemetery <br /> 13. Adopt a resolution amending the Master Fee Schedule for the Pleasanton Pioneer Cemetery <br /> City Council Agenda Page 2 of 3 July 19, 2022 <br />