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I <br />und, to support the EFLC Rebate Program, which would sufficiently cover the City's <br />cost -share. With the BOR award, the City would have the opportunity to provide up to <br />$80,000 in EFLC Rebates and spend up to $10,000 in outreach directly related to the <br />EFLC Program over FY 2022/23. <br />BACKGROUND <br />In tandem with Zone 7 Water Agency's (Zone 7) Water -Efficient Lawn Conversion <br />Rebate (Zone 7 WEL Rebate), the City's Water Conservation Program has offered a <br />lawn conversion rebate to Pleasanton water customers since 2012. In October 2021, <br />City Council requested staff review the City's existing lawn conversion rebate and <br />consider making modifications to the rebate. Direction on the proposed rebate <br />modifications and a rebate offer increase were approved by City Council on February 1, <br />2022. The newly modified lawn conversion rebate offered by the City, the EFLC Rebate <br />becomes effective June 1, 2022. <br />With the approval of the EFLC Rebate's increased offer to participating water <br />customers, an additional $15,000 will be requested under the Water Conservation <br />Program to add to the annual rebate/outreach related budget of $25,000, for a total of <br />$40,000 to support water -efficiency focused, community support activities. The recently <br />announced BOR WaterSMART SSWEP funding opportunity includes for projects such <br />as lawn replacement programs for award consideration. The grant requires a fifty <br />percent (50%) cost share, and if awarded would double the budget to support EFLC <br />efforts. The grant application requires an official resolution adopted by the governing <br />body to officially authorize and commit the applicant to the financial and legal <br />obligations associated with receipt of financial assistance through this funding <br />opportunity. <br />DISCUSSION <br />Staff has initiated an application for the WaterSMART SSWEP grant through BOR to <br />extend the City's EFLC Rebate available budget. The request is in the amount of <br />$45,000, allocated between $40,000 toward rebate expenses and $5,000 toward public <br />outreach expenses associated with marketing the EFLC Rebate. The BOR grant <br />application requires a City Council resolution authorizing the grant application and <br />designating an authorized representative to enter into an agreement with BOR on behalf <br />of the City. Since OSD is the lead department for the project, the proposed resolution <br />designates the Director of Operations and Water Utilities as the City's authorized <br />representative. <br />Submitted by: <br />Kathleen Yurchak <br />Director of Operations <br />and Water Utilities <br />Attachments: <br />1. Resolution <br />Fiscal Review: <br />Mahin Shah <br />Interim Director of Finance <br />Page 2 of 2 <br />Approved by: <br />�//4�_ <br />Brian Dolan <br />Interim City Manager <br />