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THE CITY OF 1111 <br />13 <br />" I "' CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br />PLEASANTON. <br />May 15, 2022 <br />Engineering <br />TITLE: APPROVE A PROJECT -SPECIFIC MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT <br />BETWEEN THE CITY OF PLEASANTON AND CALTRANS FOR <br />HOPYARD ROAD AND 1-580 BRIDGE OVERCROSSING FOR THE <br />HOPYARD ROAD AND OWENS DRIVE INTERSECTION IMPROVEMENTS <br />PROJECT, CIP NO. 15525 <br />SUMMARY <br />The City entered into a Freeway Maintenance Agreement with Caltrans in August of <br />1969 for the 1-580 freeway corridor overpasses within the city limits. The agreement has <br />been amended over the years for various overpasses including the Hopyard Road and <br />1-580 overpass. <br />As part of the encroachment permit process for the Hopyard Road and Owens Drive <br />Intersection Improvements Project, CIP No. 15525, Caltrans has requested an updated <br />maintenance agreement. The proposed maintenance agreement is meant to replace the <br />earlier agreements and clarifies the responsibilities of both the State and the City <br />regarding the roadway, bike path, bridge overcrossing, landscaped area, and sound <br />wall maintenance. The proposed change is to add the maintenance responsibilities for <br />the new sound wall, which is part of the Hopyard Road and Owens Drive project, to the <br />agreement. There are no alterations or changes to the existing practice or <br />responsibilities for the maintenance of the existing facilities. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />1. Approve a project -specific maintenance agreement between the City of Pleasanton <br />and Caltrans for the Hopyard Road and 1-580 bridge overcrossing for the Hopyard <br />Road and Owens Drive Intersection Improvements Project, CIP No. 15525. <br />2. Authorize the City Manager to execute the agreement. <br />FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br />There is no financial impact of the proposed change to the agreement. The <br />responsibilities for maintenance in the agreement for the existing facilities are already <br />included in the City's routine maintenance programs. <br />