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11 <br />THE CITY OF <br />nus <br />P-LEASANTON. <br />� CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br />May 17, 2022 <br />Engineering <br />TITLE: ALLOCATE AN ADDITIONAL $210,000 TO THE TRANSPORTATION <br />CORRIDOR PARKING LOT PROJECT, CIP NO. 17448, TO INCREASE <br />THE PROJECT CONTINGENCY, FUND THE CIVIC PARK <br />IMPROVEMENTS AND APPROVE AMENDMENTS TO AGREEMENTS <br />WITH HMH ENGINEERS AND PAKPOUR CONSULTING GROUP FOR <br />ADDITIONAL CONSTRUCTION SUPPORT SERVICES <br />SUMMARY <br />On April 20, 2021, City Council awarded a construction contract to GradeTech, Inc. for <br />the Transportation Corridor Parking Lot, CIP No. 17448, as well as amendments to <br />agreements with Pakpour Consulting Group, Inc. (Pakpour) and the project designer, <br />HMH Engineers (HMH), for construction support services. The project is currently under <br />construction, replacing the existing 60 -stall gravel parking lot in the transportation <br />corridor between Bernal Avenue and Abbie Street with a 139 -stall paved parking lot and <br />a ten -foot -wide multiuse concrete path. The availability of the contractor staffing and <br />issues with material supply both related to the pandemic, as well as several <br />complications with unforeseen conditions encountered during construction, have <br />delayed the project and caused the need for additional design and construction support <br />services. Also, during the construction several trees in Civic Park were removed due to <br />disease; however, the removal of the trees caused significant damage to the park's <br />irrigation system and surface improvements. As the park is immediately adjacent to the <br />project, the City Manager requested that the restoration of Civic Park be included in the <br />project. The agenda report discusses contract change orders that have been executed <br />to date, as well as the estimated cost of change orders still under negotiation. The <br />report also includes a discussion of required additional professional services with the <br />recommendation that City Council approve two amendments to the professional <br />services agreements. The described construction contract change orders and needed <br />amendments have depleted the project contingency of $329,152 previously approved <br />by City Council. To complete the estimated $110,000 Civic Park restoration and to <br />replenish the contingency to ensure funding is available for any future change orders <br />(should they be required) while the remaining work is completed, staff recommends an <br />additional $210,000 be allocated to the project. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />1. Allocate $210,000 from the Miscellaneous CIP —General Fund (Fund 201) to the <br />Transportation Corridor Parking Lot Project, CIP No. 17448. <br />