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11. That the main entrance drive to this development from <br /> Stoneridge Drive shall be redesigned, to the satisfaction of <br /> the City Engineer, to provide for safe and adequate ingress <br /> and egress. The entrance and exit lanes shall be at least <br /> fifteen feet wide. The entrance drive shall be designed <br /> using street type curb returns with a radius of 15' or 20' <br /> <br />12. That the developer shall coordinate with the City and with <br /> Bissell and Karn, Inc. on the design of the Stoneridge Drive <br /> Extension to include a median opening at the proposed <br /> location of the main entrance drive, or shall be responsible <br /> for all reconstruction required to provide this median <br /> opening in the future. <br /> <br />13. That the stacking lane length for the north portion of the <br /> median island left turn lane shall be approximately 140' in <br /> length or as specifically recommended by a traffic engineer <br /> and as approved by the City Engineer. <br /> <br />14. That the south portion of the median island shall not be <br /> designed as an acceleration lane unless a specific <br /> recommendation to do so is received from a traffic engineer <br /> and approved by the City Engineer. <br /> <br />15. That the proposed 8" sanitary sewer lateral at stations 161 <br /> and 75 on the Stoneridge Drive Extension plans should be <br /> relocated to a location acceptable to the City Engineer. The <br /> proposed sanitary sewer lateral at station 164 and 68 should <br /> be reviewed to determine if it is necessary to serve this <br /> development. <br /> <br />16. That subsequent to the removal of the existing Southern <br /> Pacific rails from the West Las Positas Boulevard crossing, <br /> the developer shall be responsible for construction and <br /> installation of median curb, landscaping and irrigation at <br /> the railroad crossing break. The developer shall be eligible <br /> for reimbursement of 1/2 of this median work. In addition <br /> the developer shall be responsible for installation of the <br /> curb, reconstruction of sidewalk and installation of 33' PSE <br /> landscaping along the south side of West Las Positas <br /> Boulevard at this previous railroad crossing. <br /> <br /> 17. That the applicant shall be responsible for the following <br /> improvements at the intersection of West Las Positas <br /> Boulevard and Santa Rita Road: <br /> <br /> a. Remove or prune up the two existing Flowering Plum Trees <br /> located westerly to the crosswalk and at the easterly <br /> end of the soundwall; <br /> <br /> b. Remove the seven small shrubs located between the <br /> crosswalk and the easterly end of the soundwall and an <br /> additional four shrubs located in front of the most <br /> easterly soundwall panel; <br /> <br /> <br />