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12. That no approval regarding utility systems shall be given or <br /> inferred until proper plans are submitted to and reviewed by <br /> Engineering Services. <br /> <br />13. That the interior private drives shall be designed to provide <br /> minimum inside curb radii sufficient to enable fire truck <br /> turning as established by the Fire Marshal and the City <br /> Engineer. <br /> <br />14. That all improvements within and adjacent to both branches of <br /> Dublin Creek be reviewed and approved by Zone 7 and the <br /> California Department of Fish and Game prior to the approval <br /> of the tentative map. <br /> <br />15. That Dublin Creek and adjoining setbacks be part of the <br /> common open space with access easements provided to Zone 7. <br /> <br />16. That pedestrian and bicycle facilities and street lighting, <br /> satisfactory to the City Engineer, shall be provided along <br /> the Dublin Canyon Road from Farmers Insurance to the western <br /> edge of the subject property. <br /> <br />17. That the applicant work with Caltrans to obtain an <br /> encroachment permit for grading within the 1-580 right-of-way <br /> in lieu of the use of retaining walls, and to restore the <br /> original 43 parking spaces on the northern boundary, if <br /> possible. <br /> <br />18. That the applicant shall landscape the Caltrans right-of-way <br /> along its northern boundary. This area shall be maintained <br /> by the applicant unless otherwise determined by Caltrans. A <br /> final landscape plan for the subject site and the Caltrans <br /> right-of-way shall be submitted to the Planning Director for <br /> approval prior to issuance of a building permit. <br /> <br /> 19. That the developer shall submit a preliminary study of the <br /> necessary roadway widening along Dublin Canyon Road which <br /> shall be reviewed by the City Engineer upon approval. The <br /> applicant shall dedicate that portion of the right-of-way <br /> which is located across the subject frontage. <br /> <br /> 20. That an interim alignment study be conducted from Farmers <br /> Insurance to the subject site sufficient to provide 2 lanes <br /> and a divided median lane following an alignment subject to <br /> the approval of the Director of Public Works. The median <br /> lane shall be designed with raised median islands where <br /> required for safety. Upon approval, the applicant shall <br /> agree to make the necessary improvements called for in the <br /> alignment study with the appropriate pro rata share of the <br /> improvements to be established at the tentative map stage. <br /> <br /> 21. That the developer shall submit a drainage study and <br /> improvement plan and a preliminary drainage and grading <br /> design for this development and for Dublin Creek. These <br /> items shall be completed to the satisfaction of the City <br /> <br /> <br />