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Exhibit A <br /> <br /> Conditions of Approval <br /> <br />1. The Bernal Adobe shall be operated as a special <br /> event/conference center as a conditionally permitted use on <br /> the approximately 2.6 acre site with improvements as shown on <br /> the Master Plan and Landscape Plan, dated March 15, 1989, and <br /> on file in the Planning Department, except as modified by <br /> these conditions. <br /> <br />2. Prior to operating the center, the applicant shall prepare an <br /> operational plan (including but not limited to types of uses <br /> to be accommodated, hours of operation, outdoor activities, <br /> noise levels expected from live amplified or other music, a <br /> valet parking plan for uses accommodating more than 150 <br /> persons, and a plan for responding to neighborhood <br /> complaints) for review and approval in conjunction with the <br /> granting of a conditional use permit by the Planning <br /> Commission; the conditional use permit shall be administered <br /> subject to the rules and procedures set forth in <br /> Chapter 18.124 (Conditional Uses). <br /> <br />3. The Bernal Adobe shall be modified as necessary to meet City <br /> Building Code requirements for its new use. <br /> <br />4. The landscape plan shall be modified as necessary to conform <br /> to the final landscape plan for Foothill Road. <br /> <br />5. The master plan shall be modified to include a wall along the <br /> southerly boundary adjacent to the parking area matching in <br /> style that encircling the courtyard and designed to minimize <br /> parking lot noise to the neighboring residence; final design, <br /> including height, shall be subject to review and approval by <br /> the Planning director. The master plan shall also be <br /> modified to include a wall/fence, satisfactory to the <br /> Planning Director, to secure the parking lot when not in <br /> use. <br /> <br />6. Any interior modifications which would affect the original <br /> adobe structure shall be submitted for review and approval by <br /> the Planning Director prior to submittal for a building <br /> permit; should the Planning Director find that the proposed <br /> modification would significantly affect the historical <br /> significance of the original adobe, he shall refer the <br /> proposed modification to the Planning Commission for review <br /> and approval. <br /> <br /> -8- <br /> <br /> <br />