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E. This revised growth management program has been designed to rectify the areas <br /> wherein the former programs did not totally succeed; to establish a predictable <br /> growth rate which reflects community sentiment and which alleviates the potential <br /> for strain on the ability of the City and other local service providers to keep pace <br /> with services with no reduction in their quality; to continue to relate new <br /> residential growth to housing needs (including regional needs and local <br /> employment growth) and the availability of infrastructure and services; to move <br /> toward build-out of the community in a logical manner while affording future <br /> development areas the ability to accommodate changing housing demands; and to <br /> be fair and equitable to the development community, developers large and small, <br /> who have either received past approvals under former growth management <br /> programs or who have undertaken or will undertake development plans consistent <br /> with current goals and policies. <br /> <br />17.36.020 Objectives. <br /> <br /> The protection of the public health, safety, and general welfare requires a growth <br />management program to accomplish the following: <br /> <br /> A. Regulate the timing, location, and type of residential growth in accordance with <br /> the goals and policies of the General Plan. <br /> <br /> B. Achieve predictability in the rate of growth at levels which reflect community <br /> sentiment and the ability of the City and other local service-providing agencies to <br /> provide services without cornpromising quality of life issues. <br /> <br /> C. Retain flexibility to accommodate projects desiring and capable of actual <br /> development in the short-term in order to more closely meet annual development <br /> goals. <br /> <br /> D. Create certainty for larger project developers in the treatment of build-out of their <br /> projects which, for a variety of reasons, do not proceed to actual development in <br /> accordance with originally approved schedules. <br /> <br /> E. Facilitate and implement the General Plan goals, including the goals of the Housing <br /> Element, which cannot be accomplished by zoning alone. <br /> <br /> F. Provide significant incentives to developers to provide subsidized housing. <br /> 17.36.030 Building Permit Restriction <br /> <br /> Except as otherwise provided in this Chapter, no building permit for a new residential unit, <br /> including permits for installation of a mobile home unit, shall be issued except pursuant to the <br /> regulations contained in this Chapter. <br /> <br /> 2 <br /> <br /> <br />