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Ordinance No. 1727 <br />Page 4 <br /> <br /> D. Permits required under this Chapter shall be in addition to any other license, <br /> permit, or requirement required under federal, state, or City law or regulation. A <br /> permit issued under this Chapter does not authorize the permittee to practice <br /> massage until the permittee has complied with all business license requirements, <br /> zoning/planning requirements, and all other applicable federal, state, and City laws <br /> or regulations. <br /> <br /> 6.24.040 Permit Exemptions. The permit requirements of this Chapter shall not apply to the <br /> following persons while engaged in the performance of their duties: <br /> <br /> A. Physicians, surgeons, chiropractors, osteopaths, nurses, physical therapists, or <br /> acupuncturists who are duly licensed to practice their respective professions in the <br /> State of California. <br /> <br /> B. Barbers, beauticians, cosmetologists, and estheticians who are duly licensed under <br /> the laws of the State of California while engaging in practices within the scope of <br /> their licenses. <br /> <br /> C. Hospitals, nursing homes, sanitariums, or any other health facility duly licensed by <br /> the State of California. <br /> <br /> D. Accredited high schools, junior colleges, colleges, or universities whose coaches <br /> and trainers are acting within the scope of their employment. <br /> <br /> E. Trainers of amateur, semi-professional or professional athletes or athletic teams <br /> while engaging in their training responsibilities for and with athletes; and trainers <br /> working in conjunction with a specific athletic event such as road races, track <br /> meets, triathlons, biathlons, or similar single occurrence athletic or recreational <br /> events. <br /> <br /> 6.24.050 Educational, Certification, and Association Requirements. <br /> <br /> A. Each permittee shall either: <br /> 1. Possess an original diploma, original certificate of graduation, or other <br /> written proof, including certified sealed transcripts, acceptable to the Police <br /> Chief, from a recognized school of massage, college, junior college, or <br /> university which shows satisfactory completion of at least five hundred <br /> (500) hours of a nonrepetitive curriculum which shall include the following: <br /> (i) three hundred (300) hours of formal education and training <br /> in massage therapy and/or bodywork, ethics, anatomy, and <br /> physiology, and <br /> (ii) two hundred (200) hours of adjunct/related education <br /> and/or professional experience; or <br /> <br /> (musasc.sam) <br /> <br /> <br />