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Ordinance No. 1727 <br />Page 2 <br /> <br /> A. "Applicant," in the case of a massage establishment permit, means an individual, or <br /> if not an individual, the general panner, chief executive officer, chief advisor, or <br /> other person responsible for the ownership and operation of the massage <br /> establishment, who applies to obtain a permit under this Chapter. In the case of a <br /> massage technician permit, "applicant" means an individual who applies for a <br /> permit under this Chapter. <br /> <br /> B. "Employee" includes any owner, partner, operator, manager, supervisor or worker, <br /> whether paid or not, who renders personal services of any nature in the operation <br /> of a massage establishment. <br /> <br /> C. "Massage" means the treatment of the human body by soft tissue manipulation <br /> using a variety of manipulative techniques, which may include any method of <br /> pressure on, friction against, stroking, kneading, rubbing, tapping, pounding, <br /> vibrating, or stimulating the external pans of the human body with the hands or <br /> with the aid of any mechanical or electrical apparatus, or other appliances or <br /> devices, with or without such supplementary aids as rubbing alcohol, liniment, <br /> antiseptic, oil, powder, cream, lotion, ointment, or other similar preparations. This <br /> may include body/mind/spirit integration, personal growth, physical or emotional <br /> relaxation and the relief of somatic pain or dysfunction. As used in this Chapter, <br /> massage includes bodywork and somatic therapies. <br /> <br /> D. "Massage establishment" means any establishment wherein massage is given, <br /> engaged in or carded on in exchange for consideration of any type, or permitted to <br /> be given, engaged in or carded on in exchange for consideration of any type, either <br /> as a primary or secondary function, including but not limited to any hot tub/sauna <br /> establishment in which massage services are made available to clients. <br /> <br /> E. "Massage technician" means any person who administers to another person <br /> massage in return for any consideration whatsoever. <br /> <br /> F. "Managing employee" means any employee of a massage establishment who has <br /> been designated by the massage establishment permittee to manage the business. <br /> <br /> G. "Permit" means the permit to engage in the practice or business of massage as <br /> required by this Chapter. <br /> <br /> H. "Permittee" means any person possessing a permit required and issued under this <br /> Chapter. <br /> <br /> I. "Person" means any individual, copartnership, firm, association, joint stock <br /> company, corporation, joint venture, or combination of individuals of whatever <br /> form or character. <br /> <br /> <br />