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EXHIBIT A <br /> <br />"Section 18.40.030 Permitted Uses. <br /> <br />The following uses shall be permitted in the O District: <br /> <br /> A. Offices of the following types: <br /> (paragraphs 1-8, no change). <br /> <br /> 9. Massage establishments, not in conjunction with medical uses, of three or <br /> fewer massage technicians at any one time, for which the applicant has <br /> obtained a massage technician permit from the Police Department, provides <br /> massages only between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., and can meet the parking <br /> requirements as established in Chapter 18.88 (Off-Street Parking <br /> Facilities). If operation of the use results in conflicts pertaining to parking <br /> noise, traffic, or other factors, the Planning Commission may modify or add <br /> conditions to mitigate such impacts, or may revoke the zoning certificate <br /> for the use. <br /> <br /> (Renumber existing paragraphs 9-13 to 10-14; otherwise no change.) <br /> (Subsections B-K, no change.) <br /> <br />Section 18.40.040 Conditional Uses. <br /> <br />The following conditional uses shall be permitted in the O District upon the granting of a use <br />permit in accord with the provisions of Chapter 18.124 of this Title: <br /> <br /> (Subsections A-F, no change.) <br /> <br /> G. Massage establishments, not in conjunction with medical uses, which cannot meet <br /> the criteria for massage establishments in 18.40.030. <br /> <br /> Section 18.88.030 Schedule of Offstreet Parking Space Requirements. <br /> (Sub sections A and B, no change.) <br /> <br /> C. Office, Commercial and Industrial Uses not in the C-N or C-R Districts: <br /> (Paragraphs 1 and 2, no change.) <br /> <br /> 3. Massage establishments - Two (2) spaces for each massage technician, plus <br /> the requirements for supplementary uses. <br /> <br /> (Renumber existing paragraphs 3-15 to 4-16; otherwise, no change). <br /> <br /> (Subsections D and E, no change.)" <br /> <br /> <br />