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EXHIBIT "B.1" <br /> <br /> CONDITIONS OF APPROVAL <br /> AP-97-10 (PUD-97-03) - GREENBRIAR SYCAMORE VALLEY COMPANY <br /> <br />Planning <br /> <br />1 .) Development shall be substantially as shown on the site, grading/utility, off-site, house plotting, <br /> preliminary landscape, architectural, etc. plans in the PUD development plan set, Exhibit "A", <br /> dated "Received January 16, 1998", with the "A" Street alignment shown as the originally <br /> proposed Option "A" alignment with a single-stop sign on the "old" Sycamore Road leg on file <br /> with the Planning Department, except as modified by the following conditions. Minor changes <br /> to the plans may be allowed subject to the approval of the Planning Director if found to be in <br /> substantial conformance to the approved exhibits. Additional stop signs at the intersection of <br /> "A" Street and Sycamore Road may be approved by the City Council at a later date if found <br /> warranted. <br /> <br />2.) In conjunction with any tentative map application, the applicant shall incorporate the following <br /> items onto the tentative map submittal and shall be subject to review and approval of the <br /> Planning Commission: <br /> <br /> a. The elevation of all rear sloping yards adjacent to the existing residences to the <br /> north shall be reexamined to produce a better transition between these rear yards <br /> and the yards of the existing homes to the north. In general, this examination <br /> shall, at a minimum, explore increasing the rear yard slope and/or terracing the <br /> rear yards. <br /> <br /> b. The grading interface between Lots/t39 though//45 shall be reviewed to ensure <br /> that water running off from the existing properties to the east shall be captured <br /> and adequately transported to an approved storm drain system. <br /> c. The connection to the Castlewood Properties parcel shall be shifted to the south to <br /> avoid impacting the Kass property. In addition, the tentative map shall show the <br /> a conceptual extension of the road on to the Castlewood Properties parcel to <br /> ensure that the realigned roadway extension will be installed without the need for <br /> retaining walls and grading on the Kass property. In conjunction with this review, <br /> the Planning Commission may approve minor adjustments in yard setbacks for <br /> any lots which may be impacted by a road relocation. <br /> <br /> d. The front yard setbacks for the properties between Sunol Boulevard and the westerly <br /> boundary of the PUD may be reduced from the 75 foot front yard setback detailed in the <br /> Specific Plan by the Planning Commission in conjunction with its review of the final <br /> alignment of "A" Street during the tentative map approval process. <br /> <br /> AP-97-10 (PUD-97-03) Conditions of Approval Page 1 of 15 <br /> <br /> <br />