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Chapter l7.16 enhances the natural scenic beauty, <br /> sustains the long term potential increase <br />TREE PRESERVATION in property values which encourages <br /> quality development, maintains the <br />Sections: ecology, moderates the effect of <br /> 17.16.002t Purpose and intent. extreme temperatures, prevents the <br /> 17.16.006 Definitions. erosion of topsoil, helps create an <br /> 17.16.009 Exceptions. identity and quality, which enhances the <br /> 17.16.010 Permit-Required. attractiveness of the City to visitors and <br /> 17.16.020 Permit-Procedure. increases the oxygen output of the area <br /> 17.16.025 Significant Impact - which is needed to combat air pollution. <br /> Administrative hearing. For these reasons the City Council finds <br /> 17.16.0210 Action by Director- that in order to promote the public <br /> Findings. health, safety and general welfare of the <br /> 17.16.040 Appeal. City while at the same time recognizing <br /> 17.16.0421 Board of Appeals - individual fights to develop and maintain <br /> Established. private property in a manner which will <br /> 17.16.046 Board of Appeals - not be prejudicial to the public interest it <br /> Duties. is necessary to enact regulations <br /> 17.16.050 New property controlling the removal and preservation <br /> development. of Heritage trees within the City. <br /> 17.16.060 Emergency action. However, the City Council also <br /> 17.16.070 Protection of existing recognizes that under certain <br /> Heritage trees. circumstances Heritage trees may <br /> 17.16.080 Pruning and properly be removed. Those <br /> <br /> maintenance. circumstances include where Heritage <br /> 17.16.090 Public utilities. trees are dangerous; are dead or <br /> 17.16.100 Insurance diseased; are so situated on <br /> Requirements. undeveloped land that their preservation <br /> 17.16.110 Fines and penalties. would preclude feasible development; <br /> 17.16.120 Additional provisions. are so abundant their removal would not <br /> destroy the area's natural beauty or <br /> ecology or cause erosion; or have a <br /> 17.16.0021 Purpose and intent. significant impact on the property. It is <br /> The City lies largely in a valley in which the intent of this chapter to preserve as <br /> substantial portions were and are covered many Heritage trees as possible <br /> by native and indigenous trees. The City throughout the City through staff review <br /> recognizes that preservation of such trees <br /> <br /> -1- <br /> <br /> <br />