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THE CITY OF <br /> -�� - CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> PLEASANTON. <br /> January 18, 2022 <br /> City Attorney <br /> City Clerk <br /> City Manager <br /> TITLE: CONSIDER ADOPTION OF FINDINGS REGARDING PUBLIC HEALTH <br /> RELATED TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC TO SUPPORT CONTINUED <br /> VIRTUAL PUBLIC CITY MEETINGS PER RESOLUTION NO. 21-1249 <br /> SUMMARY <br /> City Council, commission and committee meetings typically must be open for public <br /> attendance. However, due to the contagiousness of COVID-19, the State of California <br /> declared an emergency and allows for virtual meetings. To legally continue virtual <br /> meetings, State law (AB 361) requires the City to regularly make findings regarding the <br /> on-going public health emergency. The Council adopted such findings on October 5, <br /> 2021 by Resolution No. 21-1249, again on November 2nd and December 7th, and must <br /> continue to renew these findings every 30 days. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> Adopt by minute order the following findings: <br /> 1. The currently prevalent Omicron variant spreads more easily. <br /> 2. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Cal. Dept. of Public <br /> Health, and the Alameda County Public Health Officer recommend that: when <br /> outside your home for extended periods to stay at least six feet away from <br /> other people; avoid crowds and poorly ventilated'spaces; and <br /> 3. The Cal. Division of Occupational Safety & Health has recommendations for <br /> ventilation, filtration and indoor air quality. <br /> 4. City meetings cannot consistently provide for such six feet of separation due <br /> to the small size of many meeting rooms, large membership of some <br /> commissions, as well as attendance at meetings by staff and the public; nor <br /> can all rooms meet ventilation, filtration and indoor air quality goals. <br /> FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br /> No affect. Existing staff will continue to facilitate virtual meetings. <br /> Submitted by: Approved by: <br /> /4/4011 d kf/ <br /> Daniel Sodergren' ocely K ng Brian Dolan <br /> City Attorney City Clerk Interim City Manager <br />