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THE CITY OF 18 <br />CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br />PLEASANTON. <br />November 16, 2021 <br />Police <br />City Manager <br />TITLE: PROVIDE POLICY DIRECTION TO IMPLEMENT AN ALTERNATIVE <br />MENTAL HEALTH RESPONSE PILOT PROGRAM <br />SUMMARY <br />In response to community and City Council interest in developing an alternative <br />response for those experiencing a mental health crisis, City staff is recommending the <br />formation of a Mental Health Response Program that would operate as a two-year pilot <br />program embedded in a newly created Alternate Response Unit within the Police <br />Department. The goal of the Mental Health Response Program is to reduce uniformed <br />law enforcement response to persons experiencing mental health crisis and/or <br />unhoused residents. The program response methodology is structured to send a <br />licensed mental health clinician to respond to non -urgent requests for service that do <br />not pose an immediate safety risk to the public, or send a clinician accompanied by a <br />police officer with specialized training to situations where a police response is <br />necessary. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />Provide policy direction to implement an alternative Mental Health Response Program <br />as a two-year pilot. <br />FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br />The anticipated cost of the recommended two-year pilot program is $844,462. These <br />funds will provide two full-time clinicians and one part-time temporary program <br />assistant. Staff has also provided other options for comparison by the Council, ranging <br />in cost from $688,145 to $1,744,580. The City Council allocated $800,000 from FY <br />2019/20 year-end General Fund balance for such a program. Anticipated expenses <br />exceeding $800,000 will be included in the FY2021/22 mid -year budget. <br />