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THE CITY OF Planning Commission <br /> „,prI ,,, Agenda Report <br /> LEASANTON. November 10, 2021 <br /> Item 2 <br /> SUBJECT: PX17-0904 <br /> APPLICANT/ <br /> PROPERTY OWNER: Stoneridge Properties, LLC (Simon Property Group) <br /> PURPOSE: Application to amend and extend the Stoneridge Shopping Center <br /> Development Agreement (DA), governing an approximately <br /> 362,790-square-foot shopping center expansion, for one year. <br /> LOCATION: Stoneridge Shopping Center (1008-1700 Stoneridge Mall Road) <br /> GENERAL PLAN: Retail/Highway/Service Commercial, Business and Professional <br /> Offices and Mixed Use <br /> ZONING: CR(M) — (Regional Commercial — Mall) and PUD—MU (Planned <br /> Unit Development — Mixed Use) District <br /> EXHIBITS: A. Draft Fourth Amendment to the DA for the Stoneridge <br /> Shopping Center <br /> B. Original DA with first, second and third amendments <br /> C. Pleasanton General Plan 2005-2025 Environmental Impact <br /> Report (EIR), and Housing Element and Climate Action Plan <br /> (CAP), General Plan Amendment and Rezonings <br /> Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and <br /> Adopted Findings including Statement of Overriding <br /> Considerations (available upon request) <br /> D. Location and Notification Map <br /> STAFF RECOMMENDATION <br /> Staff recommends the Planning Commission adopt a resolution recommending: (1) the City <br /> Council find the proposed amendment to the Stoneridge Shopping Center Development <br /> Agreement to be exempt from the California Environmental Policy Act (CEQA) pursuant to <br /> Public Resources Code section 21083.3 and CEQA Guidelines section 15183; and (2) the City <br /> Council approve the proposed amendment and extension of the DA as set forth in Exhibit A. <br /> EXECUTIVE SUMMARY <br /> The applicant, Stoneridge Properties, LLC (Simon Property Group), proposes to amend and <br /> extend the Development Agreement (DA) for the Stoneridge Shopping Center by extending the <br /> term of the agreement by one year until December 2023. The applicant's proposal would be <br />