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DocuSign Envelope ID: D1741000-3D1E-44DA-9A7F-7202AA31952B <br />Item 6b <br />THE CITY OF AGENDA REPORT Pleasanton Unified School District <br />CITY COUNCIL AND BOARD OF TRUSTEES <br />PLEASANTON. JOINT MEETING � <br />September 30, 2021 <br />TITLE: PLEASANTON UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT (PUSD) GROWTH <br />PROJECTIONS <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />Receive information regarding Pleasanton Unified School District growth projections. <br />SUMMARY <br />Assistant Superintendent of Business Service, Ahmad Sheikholeslami will provide an update <br />on the district's demographic projections. The district annually updates its enrollment <br />projections. The projections are updated after the California Basic Educational Data System <br />(CBEDS) annual collection date which occurs on the first Wednesday in October. <br />Prior to the pandemic, district enrollment remained steady with increased enrollment in the <br />forecast based on new housing and housing turnover (mobility factor). Prior to the pandemic, <br />the district had averaged about 14,850 students for the last decade. The enrollment for <br />2020/21 was 14,469 which was about a 400 student decline from the previous school year. <br />The enrollment oroiection study we conducted in January 2021 included many uncertainties <br />but indicated a flattening of the enrollment and decline in enrollment in the coming years with <br />a low point occurring in 2023/24 at about 14,200 students. Enrollment would then increase as <br />new housing projects including the East Pleasanton project would come online to a projected <br />enrollment of about 14,700 in 2027/28. Attachment 1 is the district's presentation from that <br />study for reference. <br />Our current enrollment numbers for the current school year 2021/22 are about 14,068 which <br />point to further enrollment loss due to the pandemic. The enrollment decline is a county and <br />statewide trend. Additional analysis by our demographer and planning work will be needed to <br />determine if these are more short-term or long-term trends. <br />Critically important to our enrollment projection planning is the City's work with the Housing <br />Element Plan and the zoning for the additional Dousing. The district looks forward to working <br />with the City collaboratively on this work so the impacts on the schools can be taken into <br />consideration. Our latest forecast included the East Pleasanton project housing starting to <br />come online starting on 2023/24. Changes to the City planning timeline and the increased <br />units from the new housing element will need to be updated in our new projections. <br />