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THE CITY OF 1 8 <br /> irill <br /> "' " =i CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> L- ATá .N <br /> July 20, 2021 <br /> City Manager <br /> TITLE: CONSIDER ADOPTION OF THE ACTION PLAN TO COMPLY WITH STATE <br /> LAW SB 1383 TO REDUCE ORGANIC MATERIALS SENT TO LANDFILLS <br /> SUMMARY <br /> SB 1383 was signed into law in 2016. This law is the most significant waste reduction <br /> mandate to be adopted in California in the last 30 years. SB 1383 requires the state to <br /> reduce organic waste (food waste, green waste, paper products, etc.) disposal by 75% <br /> by 2025. The law also requires the state to increase edible food recovery by 20 percent <br /> by 2025. This has significant policy and legal implications for the state and local <br /> governments <br /> The State Legislature tasked the California Department of Resources Recycling and <br /> Recovery, also known as CalRecycle, with the administration of this law. CalRecycle <br /> created regulations and related programs to address the requirements of the law. This <br /> was completed through a rulemaking process which concluded in November 2020 with <br /> the regulations going into effect January 1, 2022. <br /> The law requires each jurisdiction to keep a SB 1383 implementation record and to <br /> develop a plan that demonstrates the jurisdictions approach to implementing SB 1383. <br /> The Draft SB 1383 Action Plan fulfills this requirement and provides clear direction in <br /> how the City plans to implement SB 1383. <br /> On May 25, 2021 the Waste and Recycling Subcommittee (Brown/Testa) were provided <br /> a presentation on SB 1383 and reviewed the Draft SB 1383 Action Plan and voted <br /> unanimously to bring forward this item for City Council adoption. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> The Subcommittee on Waste and Recycling (Brown/Testa) along with City staff <br /> recommended that the City Council receive a presentation regarding SB 1383 and <br /> adopt the Draft SB 1383 Action Plan. <br /> FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br /> The estimated annual cost to the City ranges from $609,962 to $1,219,547. These <br /> additional costs to implement the law will be further refined through a negotiations <br /> process with the City's franchise hauler Pleasanton Garbage Service this summer. A <br /> complete cost analysis and recommendation regarding how to pay for these costs will <br /> be brought forward to the City Council in fall 2021 . <br />