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14 <br /> THE CITY OF <br /> 1 ILL <br /> CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> pLE ASANTON. <br /> July 20, 2021 <br /> Operations Services <br /> TITLE: APPROVE FIRST AMENDMENT TO THE PURCHASE ORDER FOR <br /> CHEMICALS AND EQUIPMENT WITH LINCOLN AQUATICS IN THE <br /> AMOUNT OF $125,000 FOR FY 2020/21 <br /> SUMMARY <br /> Lincoln Aquatics supplies chemicals to maintain the water chemistry at the Dolores <br /> Bengtson Aquatic Center as well as equipment and program supplies such as lane <br /> lines, pool covers, vacuums and other equipment for the maintenance and recreational <br /> use of the pools. In preparation for this year's Far Western Swim Meet, the Library and <br /> Recreation Department purchased a new pool vacuum, lane line cabling and other <br /> equipment that exceeded the original amount of the purchase order. Currently there are <br /> outstanding invoices for FY 2020/21 that need to be processed. <br /> Staff is requesting to amend the Lincoln Aquatics purchase order for an additional <br /> $30,000 for a total not-to-exceed amount of$125,000 for FY 2020/21 to cover the <br /> outstanding invoices. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> Authorize the City Manager to amend the purchase order with Lincoln Aquatics by <br /> increasing the not-to-exceed amount from $95,000 to $125,000 for FY 2020/21. <br /> FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br /> The purchase order with Lincoln Aquatics is primarily funded by the Facilities Division <br /> operating budget 00140301-433154 and Aquatics Division operating budget 00150302- <br /> 433154. Adequate funding is available in the Operations Services and Library and <br /> Recreation departments budgets to cover the increase and remaining FY 2020/21 <br /> invoices. <br />