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3 <br />THE CITY OF <br />CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br />PLEASANTON" <br />July 20,2021 <br />Community Development <br />Planning Division <br />TITLE: ACTIONS OF THE ZONING ADMINISTRATOR AND PLANNING <br />COMMISSION <br />P21-0417 and P21-0418. Amit and Tanvi Raman <br />Applications for a Variance from the Pleasanton Municipal Code and Administrative <br />Design Review approval for the construction of an approximately 401-square-foot <br />addition to the rear of the existing residence and to reduce the combined side yard <br />setback from the required 30 feet to approximately 17.5 feet for the proposed addition <br />located at 11078 Dublin Canyon Road, consistent with setback of existing residence. <br />Approved. (13 days) <br />Proiect lnforma tion <br />Existing floor area: 3,480 square feet <br />Totalfloor area with addition: 3,881 square feet <br />Lot size: 33,541 square feet <br />Existing floor area ratio: 10.38 percent <br />Total floor area ratio with addition: 11 .57 percent <br />P21 -0542. Bradford Keiqhlev <br />Application for Administrative Design Review approval to extend the second-floor roof <br />approximately six feet on the north elevation to cover an existing second-floor balcony <br />of the existing residence located at3720 Raboli Street. <br />Approved. (7 days) <br />PX{9-0128 and PXl9-0129. Patrick Costanzo. Jr./PCJ Real Advisors. LLC <br />Application for a one-year extension of the City Council's approval for Cases P19-0128 <br />and P1 9-0129, applications for a Conditional Use Permit and Design Review to modify <br />an existing self-storage facility (Public Storage) as follows: 1) demolish seven existing <br />storage buildings and office; 2) construct a 900 square-foot office; 3) construct a <br />9,282-square-foot one-story storage building; 4) construct a 194,410-square-foot <br />three-story storage building; and 5) construct related site improvements located at <br />37 16 Stanley Boulevard. <br />Approved. (1 day)