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1 <br />CITY OF PLEASANTON <br />CITY COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES <br />June 1,2021 <br />This meeting was conducted in accordance with Governor Newsom's <br />Executive Orders N-25-20 COVID-I9 pandemic protocols. <br />Mayor Brown called the teleconferenced regular meeting of the City Council from various remote <br />locations to order at the hour of 7:01 p.m. Councilmember Arkin led the Pledge of Allegiance and <br />provided opening remarks. <br />ROLL CALL <br />Present: Councilmembers Arkin, Balch, Narum, Testa, Mayor Brown <br />Absent. None <br />AGENDA AMENDMENTS <br />Mayor Brown reversed the order of ltem No. 16 and ltem No. 17. <br />CONSENT CALENDAR <br />Mayor Brown opened public comment and the public hearing. <br />Donalyn Harris expressed gratitude to the City Council for ltem 1 and flying a Progress Pride flag <br />Olivia Sanwong, President of the Zone 7 Water Agency Board of Directors, reported the area is in a <br />drought condition. She advised Zone 7 has worked with the City for a voluntary 10% reduction and <br />encouraged the City to water the parks between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.. <br />Mayor Brown closed the public hearing <br />Citv Council <br />1. Adopted a Proclamation recognizing June 2021 as LGBTQ+ Pride Month accompanied by flying the <br />Progress Pride flag throughout June at the City administration building at 123 Main Street <br />Citv Attornev <br />2. lntroduced and waived first reading of an omnibus Ordinance No. 2216 amending the Municipal <br />Code regarding: 56.40.070 correct reference to taxi business license tax; $14 04 130 water service <br />disconnection per state law; SS17.08.150 and 17.08.180 update construction standards for flood <br />protection; S17.16.020 replacement trees; Title 18 Zoning - update definitions, fix internal <br />references, clarify body art facilities, reorder zoning unit maps and correct typographical errors; and <br />adopted and waived full reading of Resolution 21-1218 to amend the Master Fee Schedule to <br />correct reference to business license tax <br />Citv M anaqer <br />3. Approved meeting minutes of April 20,2021 <br />4. Adopted and waived full reading of Resolution 21-1219 approving rates for solid waste, recyclable <br />materials, and organic materials collection <br />Communitv lopment