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9 <br /> THE CITY OF <br /> CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> pLAA.NTON. <br /> May 4, 2021 <br /> Engineering <br /> TITLE: ACCEPT PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS PERFORMED BY GOODFELLOW <br /> BROS. LLC FOR URGENT ROADWAY REPAIRS ON WEST LAS POSITAS <br /> BOULEVARD, BETWEEN HACIENDA DRIVE AND STONERIDGE DRIVE, <br /> FOR THE WEST LAS POSITAS BOULEVARD STREET SETTLING REPAIR <br /> PROJECT, CIP NO. 11514 <br /> SUMMARY <br /> This project provided 18,000 square feet of temporary roadway repairs in various <br /> locations on West Las Positas Boulevard, between Hacienda Drive and Stoneridge <br /> Drive, reducing the severe dips and cracks on the roadway. City Council awarded this <br /> construction contract to Goodfellow Bros. LLC on October 6, 2020. Construction of the <br /> project is now complete and ready for City Council acceptance. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> 1. Accept the improvements and authorize the City Clerk to file a Notice of Completion. <br /> 2. Authorize payment of the retention in the amount of $12,763.94 to Goodfellow Bros. <br /> LLC 30 days after the recordation of the Notice of Completion. <br /> FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br /> West Las Positas Boulevard Street Sinking Repair Reserve, CIP No. 11514, had a <br /> balance of$425,230 on October 6, 2020. City Council awarded a construction contract <br /> to Goodfellow Bros. LLC in the amount of $232,072 and authori:ed the Director of <br /> Engineering to approve contract change orders, as necessary, up to $23,207 at their <br /> meeting on October 6, 2020. The expenditures with Goodfellow Bros. LLC totaled <br /> $255,279. Staff recommends the reserve balance of$164,189 remain in CIP No. 11514 <br /> to be used to start the investigation of permanent repair options and/or perform <br /> additional interim repairs, should they become necessary. <br />