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5 <br /> THE CITY OF <br /> gum ���' "" CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> pLEASANTON <br /> May 4, 2021 <br /> Community Development <br /> Planning Division <br /> TITLE: ACTIONS OF THE ZONING ADMINISTRATOR AND PLANNING <br /> COMMISSION <br /> Note: Although the below planning approvals would be effective following the City <br /> Council meeting, any associated construction or operation would be subject to the <br /> restrictions of the January 25, 2021 Alameda County Shelter in Place Order <br /> (Order 21-01). <br /> P21-0378, Gabriel Sendejas/Locals Barbershop <br /> Application for an Active Ground Floor Use Requirement Exemption for Locals <br /> Barbershop located at 350 Main Street, A2. The Director of Community Development <br /> has reviewed the application and found the request to be in accordance with one or <br /> more of the criteria set forth in Pleasanton Municipal Code (PMC) Section 18.81.040 (A) <br /> for Granting Exceptions, based on evidence and documentation provided by the <br /> landlord, that the tenant space has been vacant for a period of at least six months, <br /> during which period the Landlord made attempts to lease the space. <br /> Approved. (15 days) <br /> P21-0352, Kareem Kazkaz & Helene Wecker <br /> Application for Administrative Design Review approval for the construction of an <br /> approximately 12-foot-tall, 260-square-foot patio cover in the rear yard of the existing <br /> residence located at 2571 Skimmer Court. <br /> Approved. (10 days) <br /> P21-0074, Cheree Naes/Core States Group <br /> Application for Design Review approval to install four electric vehicle charging stalls for <br /> Electrify America within the existing parking lot located at 7050 Johnson Drive. <br /> Approved. (5 days) <br /> P21-0326, Geoff Swanson/Swanson's Landscaping Inc. <br /> Application for Administrative Design Review approval to construct a new patio cover <br /> with a maximum height of 13 feet in the rear yard of an existing residence located at <br /> 1023 Sycamore Creek Way. <br /> Approved. (12 days) <br />