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2 <br /> THE CITY OF <br /> CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> pLE ASANTON. <br /> May 4, 2021 <br /> City Council <br /> TITLE: RATIFY MAYOR'S PLANNING COMMISSION APPOINTMENT <br /> SUMMARY <br /> Recently, the City solicited applications to fill an unscheduled alternate vacancy. An <br /> appointment was made at the February 16, 2021 City Council meeting. Since that time, <br /> the appointee resigned. <br /> The Mayor's selection for this vacancy is Ken Morgan for the four-year term ending April <br /> 30, 2025. Mr. Morgan was an applicant previously considered during the recruitment <br /> process for the February 16, 2021 appointment. <br /> RECOMMENDATION <br /> Ratify the Mayor's appointment of Ken Morgan to the Planning Commission. <br /> FINANCIAL STATEMENT <br /> There is no fiscal impact. <br /> Submitted by: Approved by: <br /> are Diaz <br /> i Karla Brown <br /> City Clerk Mayor <br />