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THE CITY OF Planning Commission <br /> Agenda Report <br /> LEASANTON February 12, 2020 <br /> Item 3 <br /> SUBJECT: P19-0432 <br /> APPLICANT: Rick Dobbs, Middle 8 LLC <br /> PROPERTY OWNER: Christine Seidt, Windsor Management <br /> PURPOSE: Application for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to: (1) operate a <br /> bar; and (2) allow indoor entertainment and music until midnight, <br /> seven days a week <br /> LOCATION: 310 Main Street, Suite D <br /> GENERAL PLAN: Retail/Highway/Service Commercial, Business and Professional <br /> Offices <br /> SPECIFIC PLAN: Downtown Specific Plan - Downtown Commercial Land Use <br /> Designation with Active Ground Floor Use Overlay <br /> ZONING: C-C (Central Commercial), Downtown Revitalization, Active <br /> Ground-Floor Overlay, Core Area Overlay, Downtown Hospitality <br /> Central Core Area District <br /> EXHIBITS: A. Draft Resolution and Conditions of Approval <br /> B. Narrative/Project Plans dated "Received January 24, 2020" <br /> C. Email from Mike Cheney, Valley Plumbing, dated February <br /> 3, 2020 <br /> D. Location and Notification Map <br /> STAFF RECOMMENDATION <br /> Approve Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Case No. P19-0432 based on the findings and subject <br /> to the draft conditions of approval in Exhibit A <br /> EXECUTIVE SUMMARY <br /> The applicant requests CUP approval to: (1) establish a new bar, Middle 8; and (2) allow <br /> indoor entertainment and music until midnight, seven days a week at 310 Main Street, Suite D, <br /> within the Downtown. A bar and indoor entertainment and music after 11 p.m. requires <br /> Planning Commission review and approval of a CUP. As such, the CUP application is before <br /> the Planning Commission for consideration. As proposed and conditioned, staff believes these <br /> uses are consistent with the objectives of the Specific Plan, Downtown Hospitality Guidelines <br /> and zoning district and will be compatible with the surrounding uses. Conditions of approval <br />ned Unit <br /> Development (PUD) District and seven separate considerations to be addressed in reviewing a <br /> PUD Major Modification. These purposes and considerations are set forth in the Draft <br /> Resolution included as Exhibit A and include whether the PUD Major Modification would be <br /> compatible with developed properties in the vicinity. Based on the direction provided by the <br /> Planning Commission at their January 22, 2020 meeting, the attached draft resolution <br /> recommending approval of the PUD Major Modification to the City Council includes the <br /> required findings of conformance with the PUD considerations. <br /> PUBLIC NOTICE <br /> Notices of this application were sent to surrounding property owners and tenants within a <br /> 1,000-foot radius of the subject site for the January 22, 2020 Public Hearing. Staff has <br /> provided the location and noticing map as Exhibit E for reference. At the time this report was <br /> published, staff had not received any public comments about the PUD Major Modification. <br /> PUD-89-06-08M, 4210 Rosewood Drive Planning Commission <br /> 2 of 3 <br />