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THE CITY OF <br /> i7t 210 CITY COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br /> pLEASANTON,, <br /> December 17, 2019 <br /> Community Development <br /> Planning Division <br /> TITLE: ACTIONS OF THE ZONING ADMINISTRATOR AND PLANNING <br /> COMMISSION <br /> P19-0376, Carmen CamposllD Architecture <br /> Application for Design Review approval for: (1) the construction of an approximately <br /> 743-square-foot single-story addition to the southwest side of the building; (2) <br /> modifications to the building's windows and glazing; (3) a facade color change; and (4) <br /> construction related landscaping and site improvements for Hensel District Office <br /> building located at 4750 Willow Road. <br /> Approved. (1 day) <br /> P19-0429, James Hayqood <br /> Application for Administrative Design Review approval to construct an approximately <br /> 941-square-foot single-story addition to the existing single-family residence located at <br /> 3547 Wind Cave Court. <br /> Approved. (10 days) <br /> Project Information: <br /> Existing floor area: 1,383 square feet <br /> Total floor area with addition: 2,324 square feet <br /> Lot size: 6,888 square feet <br /> Existing floor area ratio: 20.08 percent <br /> Total floor area ratio with addition: 33.74 percent <br /> PUD-84-04-09M, Amanda Bloomberg <br /> Application for a Planned Unit Development (PUD) Minor Modification approval to the <br /> approved PUD development plan for the Meadow Plaza Shopping Center (PUD-84-04) <br /> to designate veterinarian's offices and/or outpatient clinics excluding any overnight <br /> boarding of animals as permitted uses within the existing building located at <br /> 3128 Santa Rita Road. <br /> Approved. (11 days) <br />